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Legend of the Five Rings RPG—4th Edition: Emerald Empire Hardcover

Our Price: $39.99


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Acclaimed as one of the greatest books of the Legend of the Five Rings line, Emerald Empire returns to print in a 4th edition, including all of the information found in the previous edition, such as the various aspects of Rokugani life, politics, war, commerce, and the basic rhythms and rituals of daily existence. This new edition also contains nearly one hundred pages of new information on the Empire, as well as updating all of the previous statistics for the L5R Fourth Edition rules set.

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Product Discussion (8)

Boo for not being Pathfinder Compatible!

Huzzah! I've waited seemingly forever for this one. The previous edition of Emerald Empire was a great in depth setting sourcebook for players & GM's, but it sounds like this one has improved on that 10 fold. I can't wait to crack open my copy.

Really glad to see all the books for this rolling out in good order!

Now, to just get the cash set aside so I can keep getting them with out angering the Mama-san!!

Have Fun Out There!!

~ W ~

Shadow Lodge

ZDPhoenix wrote:
Boo for not being Pathfinder Compatible!

The mechanics are not d20 but if this book is anything like the 3rd edition one then most of it is setting and background, which is easily put into any campaign you want to run, especially with the ninja and samurai coming in Ultimate Combat.

I will revisit the discussion after I have had a chance to read my copy this week(end).

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I keep having the urge to write up some new cavalier (samurai) Orders: the Order of the Crab, the Order of the Crane, etc. Unfortunately, I'm afraid that when I get to the Order designed to act as bodyguards for their Clan's spellcasters, I will find myself the target of legal action from J. K. Rowling...

Shadow Lodge

I've had a chance to go through my copy and I can tell you it is a good combination of fluff and crunch, I would say around 50/50. Obviously the rules are updated from the last one, so if that's what you're after it's worth it.

If you're looking for a book that would let you run the setting without the rules I think it has more than enough to make that work. It goes into various customs throughout the Empire and then breaks down how these customs vary by Clan. There is a lot of good setting information and even owning the 3rd edition book I felt there was a lot of new content in this one.

Thanks Balodek!! Was hoping you'd get back to us fast. Now I can tell The Missus what I want for the Anniversary Gift!!

Have Fun Out There!!

~ W ~

Shadow Lodge

You're welcome. If you own any of the other 4th Edition books then I should also mention that the binding on this one is as good as the others. AEG has really taken to heart the lessons of the past when it comes to their art and bindings.

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