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Bunker Deluxe Kit 30mm Paper Model PDF

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The Bunker Deluxe Kit is a downloadable PDF papercraft model for 28mm-30mm science fiction wargames, skirmish games, roleplaying games, dioramas, class projects or just for fun. Construction is easy, combining simple forms that require no special skill or papercrafting experience.

MULTI-LAYERED AND SINGLE-LAYERED FILES: This kit includes a full set of multi-layered files, offering 3 color schemes (gray metal, desert brown, jungle green) for each of its components. Each part can be customized by adjusting the layers, so that you can hide or reveal battle damage, weathering, external equipment or other items. Also included is a set of single-layered files for your convenience, with a limited selection of components and color options. Whether you choose multi-layered or single-layered files to print from, you'll be able to design a variety of bunkers, each with a unique appearance.

DIMENSIONS: The bunker has a footprint of approximately 7" x 9", and stands approximately 4.2" tall at the highest point.

CONTENTS: A ground tile, large support pillars, triangular support columns, long and short walls for the ground level, a staircase, a variety of crates and chests, upper level pieces that can be lifted off to access your soldiers within, long and short walls for the upper level, doors and window shutters that can open and close, and more. Full instructions are provided, as well as a sample layout plan for creating a larger bunker complex.

REQUIRED MATERIALS: To build one bunker, you'll need 13 pages of cardstock to print on, a sharp hobby knife, ordinary paper glue and a cutting mat. It's recommended that you also use scissors, a cork-backed aluminum ruler and fine-line ink markers to fill in the paper edges. To make full use of this model, you'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 or a later version.

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