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Venture—Travelmate Edition PDF

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This less expensive edition of the game does not contain paper models and miniatures; instead, there's a set of counters allowing you to play the game without having to build models and cut miniatures. You can buy paper models and miniatures separately.

You stand before Velkan the White, the world's most powerful archmage.

"Welcome, heroes" he says. "You have been chosen to defend the weak and to battle the darkness. You now serve the forces of the Light." Velkan chants arcane words whisper-soft and suddenly your bodies are enveloped in harmless blue flames.

"Now you bear the Mark of the Light, and with it no mundane weapon shall ever truly slay you. For should you fall in combat, your body shall disappear and your life force shall wander ghostlike until you are able to resurrect yourself before an altar of the Glorious Light."

"Are we immortal?" you ask.

"Not entirely, no. Stay alive at all costs when appear the strongest servants of the Evil Keeper... those rare few bearing the Mark of Darkness. For to fall before these most powerful of fiends is to perish forevermore. Now go, heroes. Protect the land! Find the servants of evil and destroy them!"

0one's Venture, Venture for short, is a fast, simple game of dungeon adventuring where brave heroes undertake a quest to foil the schemes of the Evil Keeper.

The heroes adventure in a deadly dungeon where lurks a formidable Servant of the Darkness, otherwise known as a Boss. Heroes must locate and do away with this villain, but each time a hero falls in battle, rests at a shrine, or acquires treasure, they also empower the Servant of the Darkness who waits for them at dungeon's end.

Venture is suited for 2–5 players. Sessions last an average of 60–120 min. depending upon the quest.

For more information, please visit Venture's official website,

    Venture—Travelmate Edition (Virtual) Box Content:
  • Rulebook and Quest sheets: A richly illustrated full-color rulebook with plenty of examples and images to help you understand the game. You get also ten quests to play right out of the box.
  • Heroes Sheets and Monsters Sheets: Four heroes sheets and five monsters sheets containing vital information about the characters of the game.
  • Game Tiles and Decks Board: Six big (9x9") tiles you can assemble in different configurations to build deadly dungeons. The Decks Board is very useful to keep track of the four decks you need to play the game.
  • Evil Keeper Screen: A gorgeous three-panel screen the Evil Keeper must use to hide away vital information from heroes. The screen also displays useful information on its backside.
  • Regular Counters and Travelmate Counters: The game has counters to indicate hit points, traps, and essences. Furthermore the Travelmate counters allow you to play the game without any paper models or miniatures.
  • Cards: You get a set of 94 illustrated cards which allow to keep track of the initiative, cast spells, use equipment and play events.
  • Bonus Materials: A buildable full-color box to store your game and dice stickers. Be aware that the box exceeds the size of a normal US letter sheet, so you may need to print it at a print bureau.

Note: You will need six-sided dice of various colors to play this game: an average of 10 green dice, 5 blue dice and 4 red dice.

    Please Read Before You Buy:
  • If you buy this edition of the game you will not have paper models or miniatures—just counters. You can, however, buy Paper Models & Miniatures as a separate product.
  • This game is sold as a set of PDF files; you must print them and build the game before play.

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