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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Pathfinder Miniatures: Eando Kline, Pathfinder

****½ (based on 5 ratings)

List Price: $5.99

Our Price: $5.39

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Pathfinder Miniatures are 28mm white metal minis based on characters and creatures from Paizo's Pathfinder campaign setting.

Miniatures include a plastic slotted base. They are unpainted and may need some assembly.

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Product Reviews (5)

Average product rating:

****½ (based on 5 ratings)

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Great Detail


This was a much better mini than i expected. There is some really nice detail in the backpack and numerous pouches he has, but also layering in the clothing and armour. The hands were a bit disproportionate, as another reviewer has already indicated. That said, I really like this sculpt.

Ready for action


I bought this figure for the sole purpose of using as a character I am now playing. The sword comes unattached and I left it off as it looks better without it. Sword can just as easily be attached to other hip also. Don't let the details intimidate you, easier to paint with detail than you expect. Alas, it does not come with the big stone block base as presented in this picture, it is a standard slot into square base. Wish it did come that way, but most painted pics for Pathfinder figures here are custom-made bases. Still, absolutely worth getting as he serves as virtually any character class.



The hero from the Pathfinder AP logs and a major NPC in the Serpent's Skull AP!

But this mini can be ANY beginning adventurer (male that is ;-) you play. That's why I purchased it in the first place. Have a new character without any considerable armor or gear? Bingo!
His sword and backpack come seperately, so you can choose to glue them on or not. Or convert him with other weapons...
As a sidenote, this backpack is more detailed than the alchemist's.

More like this please! :-)

****( )

More mold lines than I'd like, but still a great mini. I combo'd this with one of the spare weapons kit for my ranger getting ready for the Mwangi expanse. I glued the shortsword to the side of the backpack, stuck a spear in the base and glued a crossbow to the other side of the backpack.


****( )

Eando was easier to paint then I expected. I thought he looked better without the sword so I left it detached. Painted, his gloves seem a bit large - almost like boxing gloves.

A well sculpted mini that can sub for most classes is always handy to have around. Now I just need to learn to paint like the pros. Gift Certificates
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