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Maps of Mastery—Mass Transit II: Cargo Docks & Offworld Transport Facility Print


Cargo Docks PDF


Offworld Transport Facility PDF

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Add Offworld Transport Facility PDF $3.99

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This high-quality double-sided poster map features a freight storage yard full of shipping containers and warehouses on one side, and a spaceport transportation center on the other! Designed by expert cartographer Christopher West for use in any science fiction RPG or miniatures game, these maps are designed to work seamlessly with the Offworld Shipping Center map from Chris's first Maps of Mastery poster, to create a sprawling transportation complex!

The poster measures 22 by 34 inches when unfolded, and features a 1-inch grid for play with most miniatures game systems. Objects and structural elements are highlighted by fine colored lines to indicate different terrain types; these are easily ignored if your game of choice doesn't need specific designations for terrain, but very useful if it does.

The Cargo Docks side of the poster depicts a vast platform where row upon row of huge shipping containers wait to be unloaded. All manner of intrigue can unfold in the narrow alleys and recesses formed by these crates, and a great magnetic grappling crane looms over the center of the map. Meanwhile, an armored truck stands ready to carry its cargo to any destination you can imagine.

The Offworld Transport Facility is a passenger boarding station where interstellar travelers can embark on any sort of journey. From the central Service Plaza with its holographic screens, sci-fi heroes can book passage on any of the various transport vehicles shown on the map, or track the arrival of a wanted fugitive they mean to ambush or rescue. Plus, the poster comes with a bonus 5x7-inch terrain card that can be used to customize the map, seamlessly replacing an existing vehicle with another starfighter.

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