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AFRIKAKORPS: Benghazi Handicap

Our Price: $13.95


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SEBCHA EL SEGHIRA, LIBYA, 31 March 1941: Shortly after Rommel arrived in Tripoli, offensive action was on his mind contrary to his standing orders to eschew any offensive action for the time being. The Desert Fox began his first offensive in North Africa with a reconnaissance probe' on 31 March, targeting the British advanced positions by Maaten Biscer. At 0600 hours a flying column consisting of medium tanks, armored cars, and a single 88mm gun towed by a prime-mover left their assembly area nine kilometers to the west of El Agheila. The scratch-force promptly advanced along the Via Balbia until, at about 0800 hours, contact was made with the enemy. Two troops of British cruiser tanks were encountered near Kilometer 3 on the Via Balbia. The Germans immediately moved into combat formations, the 88' was un-limbered and went into action, dispersing the enemy tank formation without hitting any tanks. A running fight then took place for some six kilometers, concluding after the British made another attack, only to be driven off by the column....

ASLComp AFRIKAKORPS BENGHAZI HANDICAPTM is a detailed new ASLComp VARIANT that tells the story of the War in North Africa. It's about time the desert warfare goodness that was spawned by Hal Hock's seminal work TOBRUK back in 1975... was brought to the gaming tables of ASLers. And now it is, in a big way.

ASLComp AFRIKAKORPS BENGHAZI HANDICAPTM continues the series with Rommel's push to re-take Cyrenaica in 1941, going against Hitler's orders and confounding Italian Comando Supremo. We know YOU won't be confounded, and are ready, willing and able to go along for a wild ride past Mersa el Brega, Derna, hello Mechili, we're back...and beyond to the gates of the jewel...Tobruk!

You receive a set of 8 scenarios, all depicting actions from the exciting offensive, rife with combined-arms actions. And yes, these are aimed at playability. Slap them down, bang them out, do it again. And again. Please do a little hooting and hollering while you're at it... at least when you roll 'snakeyes' (or the other guy rolls 'boxcars').

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Discontinued This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer or is no longer being carried by our distributor.

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