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GameMastery Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Condition Tokens

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Have trouble keeping track of which conditions are on your character? Grab a set of Pathfinder RPG Condition Tokens and put an end to the confusion. These 1"-square laser-etched acrylic tokens fit neatly under your minis.

    Each set includes the following 28 double-sided tokens, 2 of each:
  • Dying-Stable
  • Paralyzed-Petrified
  • Staggered-Bleed
  • Prone-Helpless
  • Stunned-Unconscious
  • Deafened-Blinded
  • Nauseated-Sickened
  • Fatigued-Exhausted
  • Shaken-Cowering
  • Panicked-Frightened
  • Dazzled-Dazed
  • Confused-Disabled
  • Hasted-Slowed
  • Grappled-Pinned

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****( ) (based on 1 rating)

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Surprisingly Useful (but pricey) Little Things

****( )

The Pathfinder Condition Tokens are well-hidden on the Paizo web store, but I'm glad I stumbled upon them. The idea behind them is so simple it's brilliant: you slide one of these 1-inch square plastic tokens under the miniature of a PC or monster affected by a condition, and anytime you move the miniature, you move the token with it. They make it *so* much easier to keep track, for example, of which of the 8 zombies on the board has been blinded, or that the barbarian has finished raging and is now fatigued. The actually work together quite well with the Condition Cards, because the cards show the effect of the condition while the token shows which condition goes with which miniature.

All of the conditions in the core rulebook except the following are included: Dead, Energy Drained, Entangled, Fascinated, Flat-Footed, Incorporeal, Invisible. Oddly, this list of what's included and excluded is not identical to the Condition Cards, and two statuses that are not official conditions (Hasted and Slowed) are added. You'd think they would make things correspond and include all of the official conditions.

Apart from that, the only drawback of these is the price: $ 19.99. As useful as they are, that's pretty steep for what's essentially coloured little pieces of plastic with words etched onto them Someone with poker chips and a fine black marker could achieve the same basic effect. I think I'd say throw these into an order if you're trying to qualify for reduced shipping, but otherwise wait for a sale. Gift Certificates
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