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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Earthdawn: Kratas Adventures

Our Price: $19.99


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Kratas Adventures is a collection of three stand-alone adventures for Earthdawn Third Edition, providing challenges for Journeyman through Warden adepts. For use with the Kratas: City of Thieves sourcebook and the Earthdawn Third Edition core rulebooks.

  • THE THIEVERY COMPETITION: Stealing the most valuable item in the city of Kratas is one thing, but protecting it from all the other thieves involved in the competition is another. Will the characters live through to the end?
  • DEADMAN'S CONTRACT: Hired as assassins, the characters are out to take the life of a very prominent figure to collect the blood money. Or will they turn and work for their target instead, to find out who wants him dead?
  • HUNTING THE IMPOSTOR: Secret societies, dark cults, Horror-worshippers following a trail of seemingly unrelated incidents, the characters uncover an ancient secret buried deep below the city...

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