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The Genius Guide to Feats of Runic Might (PFRPG) PDF

****½ (based on 4 ratings)

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Runes—an ancient form of writing often linked to strange and magical powers. In history, runes are nearly-two-thousand-year-old alphabets whose origins remain shrouded in mystery. In legend, wizards, shamans, and warriors use runes to imbue places, items, and even people on which they are inscribed with fantastic powers. Runes, it has been said, hold the power to foretell the future and even to bring the dead back to life.

Although you can clearly see the graphic influence runes have in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game—with rune-like symbols appearing in many pieces of art—they enter into the core rules only through the cleric’s rune domain. Although many campaign worlds hint that runes contain some kind of primeval power, there is nothing in the mechanics to back those concepts.

The Genius Guide to Feats of Runic Might presents a way to use runes to bring a little “old-school” magic to a campaign—magic that is available to anyone who takes the time to study runes and master their creation.

Runic feats all involve using magic symbols and glyphs to create magic effects. The more such symbols you have mastered, the greater benefit you get from all your runes. The process of creating (or drafting) runes and gaining magic benefits from them is known as runecrafting, and it is an art similar to, though distinct from, spellcasting. Unlike spellcasting, with determination and patience anyone can learn enough runecrafting to make practical use of their power.

This product is 10 pages long.

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Average product rating:

****½ (based on 4 ratings)

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Mighty fine!


The Genius Guide to Feats of Runic Might (PFRPG) PDF

I just recently picked this up and it's so cool I had to chime in. Really a great concept, flavor and implementation (along with Feats of Runic Might II).

I could see someone using these for extra flavor to a Runelords campaign, as already stated by another reviewer. I'm currently running a Pathfinder/Eberron campaign, these will add nice flavor to the Draconic Prophecy theme.

This was Cool

****( )

I really liked this. The idea was interestingly played out. Not too powerful but interesting. I can totally see a few players having one or two of these runes, just for those odd occasions. I am using it from the point of view it's a lost art of the Cyclops of Pathfinder. This way it is a lost art, as the cyclops are now degenerate but a few still recall the ancient powers. If I had been doing my Runelord campaign this would have come in handy as well. Neat ideas. Not 100% a few I think are just odd, but lots of useful ideas that I can make use of. Thanks

I want more!

****( )

DM's excellent Review leaves me with not much to say but: I want more!
Seriously, I've been looking for something like this pdf for quite some time and really like the concept. Please do another one!

Minor magic feats.

****( )

The Genius Guide to Feats of Runic Magic by Super Genius Games.

This product is 10 pages long. The first 3 pages deals with what runic feats are and how to use them, along with a list of the Runic feats. It talks about using them in the campaign, how they are used, how many you can have etc. The runes are listed below.

Air Jaunt – Brief flight
Blacklife – bonus to Necromancy
Bladedance – Helps to parry.
Cindershard – deals fire damage on melee attacks.
Death – gives bonus to killing something with massive damage
Draft Master – Allows the drafting(writing) of runes on others.
Enfeeble – weakens foes.
Falter – slows foes.
Feign Death – makes you appear dead.
Iceflame – change damage type.
Ironguard – grants AC bonus in full defense.
Life Warden – gives AC bonus to those you heal.
Mystify – causes penalty to perception and sense motive
Narrow-Minded – bonus to will save
Panacea – bonus hp to healing spells.
Rage – enrages foes
Rune Master – gain more benfits with runic feats.
Seaborne – bonus to swim
Shadowlight – blind foe
Silvergate – bonus to summoning spells.
Soul Ward – bonus to abjuration spells
Surge – bonus to jump and surprise initiative
Third Eye – bonus to divination spells
Thunderstrike – deals sonic and electrical dmg on melee attacks
Veil – bonus to stealth
Whitefire – bonus to evocation spells

The next 6 pages is taken up by the runic feats themselves. With a final page for OGL.

Closing thoughts: I like the concept of runic feats and minor magic. Not everyone will allow them for everyone and the book talks about that. None of them are overly powerful about on par with a strong cantrip at most. Coupled with the limitations on how many you can have and prerequest I feel they are well balanced on the whole. The art work is fair. This is a bit thinner than recent SGG books clocking in at 10 pages for 2.99 but still worth the price. Once more my biggest complain which is often the case with SGG books is... not enough. Great concept, great start but I want more. If the idea of feats that allow minor magic interest you then I highly recommend this book. I am giving it a 4.5 star. Gift Certificates
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