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Rewarding Roleplaying (PFRPG) PDF

***** (based on 2 ratings)

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Are you a GM who wants a little more oomph from your players? Do they need some incentive to play their roles with more feeling? Even if your players are bona fide thespians, there's likely still room for improvement. But how?

With Rewarding Roleplaying, a toolkit with alternative rules that help give players more input into the narrative flow of the game. Here's a partial list of the tools found in Rewarding Roleplaying:

  • An Action Point system that uses three criteria to encourage and rewards better roleplaying. Best of all, the responsibility for establishing these criteria belongs to the players. They set their own roleplaying goals. When they meet their goals, you the DM hand out the reward in the form of an Action Point, which is then used by the player to achieve greater levels of success in the game.
  • The Do Something! Chip system that lets players take an active hand in making a game session more exciting.
  • Plus other tools, such as an Exploding Dice system that makes PCs more heroic while reducing their reliance on magic items; advice for implementing player-driven flashbacks suitable for almost any RPG; and the Statement system, which lets players define their PCs via short descriptive statements that provide in-game bonuses.

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***** (based on 2 ratings)

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Rewarding Roleplaying


This pdf is 11 pages long, 1 page OGL, 1 page front cover, 1 page editorial. That leaves 8 pages of content.

Rewarding Roleplaying is a nifty little pdf that introduces an alternative system to reward your players for role-playing via what is called fides, naturae and metae.
Acting according to any of the three may earn the players action points, which are also explained in detail: How they can be used in different contexts, how many to award and so on.
As a nice little bonus, we also get rules for the DM to create Elite Creatures and Solo Creatures with quick on the fly rules that I’ve been using myself. It’s nice to see that some people out there like the author obviously had the same idea as yours truly.

The artwork is sparse and open content, as far as I can tell. The writing is precise and concise and shows a subtle kind of humor I enjoy. The editing and formatting are good, although I found a “with” too much in the text.

Due to the nifty ideas contained within as well as the very low price, I can recommend this one to just about any GM who has not yet read/implemented a hero or action-point system. If you seek to refine your own system, check it out. If heeded, the advice within these pages will surely change roleplaying behavior of your players for the better. For the price of $1.50, it’s a 5-star file.

An excellent alternative to XP rewards for roleplaying


A no frills, but excellent written release I must say. I've always enjoyed using Action Points in a game (originally introduced to them via WotC's Eberron Campaign). This product offers an alternate solution by using action points to reward players for roleplaying instead of XP.

It recommends certain social contracts between the GM and the PC on a per session and also at the campaign level and if met, APs are awarded. It offers a twist on the the way it is expended and regained that is a variant of what some of you may be accustomed to from other settings that use them.

When I say there's no frills, it isn't meant to be disparaging. Simple b/w artwork, single wide-column, but aesthetically readable font-type. Mark has a writing and presentation style that is polished and concise. After a good introduction, you get the feeling that you're really learning something (I picked up a few new words in latin based on their etymology) as well as examples and a couple of footnotes. If you make a Perception check, you can notice that there's a (sl/dr)y sense of humor subtly peeking through the contents.

You can tell that the author has an editorial and teaching background easily upon the first read of this release. Once you've finished it (11 pages, but 8 being the main context), the concept he proposes is easy enough to comprehend and worth giving it a shot.

This is primarily a release directed toward GMs, but if you're one of those individuals that have been frustrated by how a campaign (whether from the position of the GM or the PC) has been going based on XP awards being slanted toward certain types of players, then this is the release for you to acquire and perhaps even build on from it.

It's definitely worth your six quarters. It's a five star from me. Gift Certificates
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