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Alexandra Kosteniuk's Chess


Our Price: $24.99


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While chess is often described as the game of kings it is by no means just a man's game. Alexandra Kosteniuk holds the titles of Grandmaster, International Master, Woman Grandmaster and in 2004 she became only the 10th woman in history to earn the highest grandmaster (men) title International Grandmaster. Eagle Games is proud to announce that it is the sole U.S. distributor of Alexandra Kosteniuk's Chess.

Alexandra Kosteniuk's Chess is a conveniently packaged boxed set of chess board, wood pieces and full-color instruction booklet for anyone new to the wonderful world of chess. What makes this particular combination unique is that the international chess superstar Alexandra Kosteniuk (currently Number 1 on the US Chess Federation's ranking) has written the booklet that accompanies the playing pieces and board, hence the purchaser not only gets a fine looking chess set but also instructions and hints from a world class player.

Last but not least, Alexandra has a double life: when she's not winning chess matches she's much in demand as a fashion model, and the box set includes many beautiful photographs to accompany the text.

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