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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Battlelords: Beyond the Rift PDF

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Rift Runners make the best pay!

Some have claimed that beyond the great Motarian rift there are other universes yet to be discovered. Universes with untapped resources waiting to be exploited by the galactic mega-corporations of the Alliance. The mega-corps are keenly aware that discovering the secret to rift travel could ensure their financial prosperity into perpetuity and they are willing to pay handsomely for it. Fortunately for them there are no shortages of Battlelords who are willing to risk it all and enter the rift.

These "rift runners" are paid obscene amounts of money by their corporate sponsors to enter the vortex and make scientific measurements of phenomenon. Not all of them return, but not all of them meet their demise either. The truth is there are other universes beyond the rift and the truth is they have already been discovered. Discovered by those who never return. Trapped on the other side. Trapped beyond the rift.

    Beyond the Rift features:
  • Detailed campaign setting beyond the boundaries of the known universe
  • 7 new and fully detailed player character races
  • "I was just growing up tables" for each new race
  • Over a dozen new alien weapon systems
  • New alien armor, armor options, defensive systems, and equipment
  • 3 new matrix disciplines and over 100 new matrices, including new combat focused matrixes
  • Advanced hand-to-hand combat and martial arts rules for any Battlelords game
  • New Mazian combat rules and Mazian hand-to-hand skill
  • Dozens of scenario ideas for starting your Zenax adventures
  • Rules for playing an extended campaign away from Alliance controlled space

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