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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

No Quarter Magazine #38

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Opening Salvo: Locked & Loaded
Going to various conventions is one of the cooler perks of working in the gaming industry. I’m lucky enough to get to attend Comic Con International, Gen Con, and PAX Prime to represent Privateer Press and No Quarter Magazine. As much fun as I have at those three conventions, though, they don’t hold a candle to the time I had this last June at Privateer Press’ own Lock & Load GameFest 2011.

M&P Challenge: Craft a ’Jack
The scrapyards and battlefields of western Immoren are overflowing with the battered hulks of wrecked warjacks. However, as any good bodger knows, there’s always something to salvage in any wreck. That’s your mission: using parts from various warjacks, build a whole new warjack. Then paint up your new machine, give your creation a snazzy name, and show off your bodging prowess. This is your chance to create a whole new warjack!

Guts & Gears: Vessel of Judgment
I believe it to be of utmost importance that we remain united in our faith and that the priesthood retains unquestioning allegiance to the Synod and its wise and holy decrees. However, the recent divide, minor as it is, among the visgoths regarding the possible deployment of the great Vessels of Judgment, troubles me deeply. I was witness to the first unveiling of these blessed reliquaries, and their glory was a sight to behold. There is no question in my mind that these great vessels venerate and honor the sacred remains of the priest-king interred within them. Still, there is understandable debate within the Synod whether we should endanger such blessed relics by sending them forth on the battlefield against our enemies.

Gavyn Kyle Files: Kayazy Underbosses
The average Cygnaran thinks of Khador as a monolithic nation of proud countrymen ready to fight and die in the service of the Motherland and their Empress. The truth is more complicated. In Khador, the motivations of men are as complex as they are anywhere despite that nation’s loud devotion to patriotism. When you asked for a dossier on whomever was in charge of the Korsk criminal underworld, you opened a can of slippery worms.

Terrain Building: Greater Spawning Vessel
The Greater Spawning Vessels were an innovation of Vayl Hallyr created to increase the rate at which the larger dragonspawn could be produced by the warlocks of Everblight. Such spawning requires a large supply of organic material to mix with the blood of a warlock. These vessels are normally secured behind friendly lines, but warfare sometimes threatens these holdings. Too massive and weighty to be easily or quickly moved, these sorcerous artifacts must be protected and recovered whenever possible and serve as rallying points for blighted Nyss and ogrun who fight to ensure they are not stolen or destroyed by the enemy.

Unbound Formations
The basic Unbound rules, which appeared in No Quarter #36, opened the door for players to create and play with the mighty armies they always imagined marching to war. In this latest Unbound installment, we explore a few of the special forces found within the powerful armies of the Iron Kingdoms. Unleashed in times of great conflict, these “Formations” bring new, deadly abilities to the battlefield, giving players more options when building their ultimate fighting force.

Lock & Load Recap
This year, between June 18th and 19th, Privateer Press held the first annual Lock & Load GameFest in Seattle, Washington. As the first official Privateer Press convention, Lock & Load treated attendees to two days of non-stop gaming with their favorite Privateer Press games. In addition, the entire staff of Privateer Press was on hand to meet players and in many cases showcase their unique talents as writers, game designers, painters, and sculptors.

Power Progression Unbound
Since its inception, Power Progression has provided examples of how to build a faction army from the simple battlegroup all the way up to a sizable 100-point two-warcaster or two-warlock army. With Unbound and the exciting Formation rules in this issue, it’s a perfect time to revisit some of the classic Power Progression armies and make them Unbound!

The Armory: Mercenaries
Represent your faction in style! The Armory gives you faction-specific templates to represent your favorite spells, feats, and effects. These templates represent some specific Mercenary spells and effects. Feel free to photocopy them for your next game.

Also in this Issue: News from the Front, New Releases, HORDES: Domination Preview, Tournaments 101: Time Management, Campaign Terrain: Blighted Bog, Forces of Distinction V, Shattered Grounds: Sand Narrows, Bodge Bin, Player Gallery

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