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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Undead Avenue

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You step out onto the sidewalk and right away something feels wrong. Maybe it's the lack of traffic, the smell of smoke, or the extra trash blowing listlessly along the street.

Maybe it's the unnerving moaning in the distance.

Undead Avenue is a new take on the classic "escape from the city" urban Zombie Apocalypse story. You start in a section of downtown sealed off in all directions, maybe by accident, maybe because the government or the police or the National Guard doesn't want anyone, or anything escaping.

Unfortunately that includes you.

Choose your character type and begin your search for weapons, equipment, allies, and most importantly, a way out. The game has been designed for individual human miniatures to attempt to escape a zombie infected city. While it can be played as a standalone game,it can also be used as a prelude to the miniatures wargame Undead States of America.

This book contains the rules to simulate an urban zombie nightmare, along with cards to simulate character wounds, equipment, weapons, allies and newly learned skills, plus enough cut-out city markers to create an entire neighborhood. The rules are set to play in three acts, just like a movie.

Help other players or abandon them, hide the strangely infected bite on your arm or search for the zombie plague cure. Whatever you do, do it fast, before someone with a tactical nuke decides to contain the plague for goodE

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