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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Undead States of America: Undead Universe Expansion

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Some say the Zombie War started with a recent failed experiment. Some say it was the result of a deviously clever biological weapon. Some claim magic, damnation or curses. Others say that zombies have been around, lurking in the shadows, trapped in remote locations or locked in sealed tombs, for thousands of years. Others say that no matter how humanity does in this war, zombies will continue to be around thousands more years in the futureE

Undead Universe takes a look at the smaller zombie outbreaks throughout time, allowing the players to recreate those earlier battles and playing out the potential undead wars in the past and future.

Undead Universe is intended to be used as an expansion to the core rulebook, Undead States of America. It contains guidelines for zombie wars and outbreaks against ancient armies, medieval armies, the armies of muskets and early rifles, armies in the two World Wars (Nazi Zombies!), and fictional cyberized or powered armor armies of the far future. This book revises how to do the Short Campaign Game in different eras, and introduces a new campaign game where a player fights each major zombie outbreak in history and into the future.

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