One Night Stand: The Ice Cave of the Frost Giant Slavers (PFRPG) PDF

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Got a Pathfinder game to run this weekend but are too busy to get something together for your players? Looking for a way to challenge your power gamers? If so, then you're ready for a One Night Stand!

Like all One Night Stand adventures, The Ice Cave of the Frost Giant Slavers contains everything you’ll need for an evening of fun using the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. It is designed for characters between 8th and 11th levels.

We are the Ullak, and these lands are ours! That we have suffered the little ones to live in the valley is of no consequence. Were not all the mountains given to us by Helgroth, Lord of the Winter Storm? Do not the worgs and ogres bow in deference to us? There is nothing we can see that is not ours to command!

The little ones—the humans—are just another possession—like ore we dig from the ground or trees we fell. That we have indulged their delusion of freedom makes no difference. They are ours… and the time has come when they are blessed to be able to render service to the Ullak.

To the valley! Go! Bring back as many of the little ones as you can carry! And tell the others that they will be likewise blessed erelong!

    Inside you will find:
  • Adventure: The following pages detail the background and action that will constitute the adventure itself. We've provided all of the NPC details needed in a new stat block format that makes it easy to print and use at the table. Let us know what you think by emailing with your comments.
  • Map Tiles: Following the adventure write-up are 16 map tiles that, when cut out and assembled, create a battlemat with a one-inch square grid. There are also alternative tiles to use in order to keep the secret parts of the map hidden until the heroes make the appropriate discoveries.
  • Tactical Maps: After the map tiles are a series of tactical maps and notes to make running the adventure easier for the Game Master. Also, we include stat block cards that can be printed out and used at the table, speeding up play by having all game-related information at your fingertips.
  • Standees: With the tactical maps are a collection of cut-and-tape standees representing all the creatures and monsters encountered in this adventure.

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And it's up! Can you survive the ice giant Freya and her minions? Find out tonight!


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