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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Karma Deck (4E) PDF

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The gods are angry! Luckily they're angry at your enemies. Good news for you—bad news for anyone who gets in your way....

Introducing the Karma Deck for 4th Edition. The Karma Deck is full of 52 unique cards, each designed to grant the players a temporary bonus in battle. Some of these are game-changers, allowing the DM to essentially "tip the scales" in the party's favor when things turn against them without having to resort to a "gimme."

Sometimes fate works against the party: a string of bad rolls can make for a lousy game night—at no fault to you or your players. The deck can help.

Discover you've overestimated the strength of your party after you've dropped them into a particularly nasty encounter? The deck can help.

Looking to reward your group with more than just treasure and XP after an epic gaming session? The deck can help.

Looking for a nice steak dinner with all the trimmings for under $10? Sorry, the deck can't help. And now I'm hungry.

Be stingy with them or hand them out like candy. Use them like action points. Award them at milestones. Play Doctor DM and let the players take 2 cards and call you after they kick ass. Deal them out at random or gift specific ones to specific players who always have the habit of rolling badly at the worst possible times (you know who I'm talking about).

How you use them is ultimately up to you (and the gods of course).

    You get:
  • One full-color set of 52 fate-twisting cards with backs + a full-color deck topper and instruction cards.
  • A full-color version without the backs.
  • An 'ink-saver' version in black & white, without card backgrounds or backs.

For Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition

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