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Retribution (PFRPG) PDF

***** (based on 8 ratings)

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A Pathfinder Roleplaying Game adventure by Creighton Broadhurst for four 1st-level PCs

In the frozen depths of winter, murderous winds mercilessly batter the crumbling Priory of Cymer. Within, trapped by their duty and the heaped snowdrifts that render travel near impossible, the few remaining faithful huddle together and tend the sacred places of their forbears. With the weather worsening, nerves fray and tempers snap as the wind howls its mournful dirge for the forgotten dead of a fallen time. But the worst is yet to come. One of those trapped within holds a murderous grudge that only blood can expunge, and as the storm reaches its savage height, terrible revenge is wrought amid the frigid halls and faded glories of a bygone age.

Visit to download bonus materials including maps, graphics, reorganised stat block listings, pregenerated characters and more.

This ZIP file includes two versions of Retribution, one optimised for printing and use on a normal computer and one optimised for use on a mobile device such as an iPad. You can learn more about Raging Swan's Dual Format PDF initiative at

"A fantasy roleplaying campaign can always use spooky, atmospheric low-level adventures, and RETRIBUTION is a solid, useful foray. It's "old school" in the best sense of that term: the adventure, its setting, its characters, and its new elements have all been carefully and lovingly detailed and thought through. The result is truly ready-to-use, and its elements lend themselves to easy re-use in an ongoing campaign. Recommended."
    —Ed Greenwood, creator of the Forgotten Realms

"Retribution is a wintry scenario that makes full use of the weather to create a claustrophobic and gritty introduction. This is followed by an excellent middle, with something for every party as it is full of investigation, roleplaying, and combat, before building to a worthy climax. Overall, it is an excellent scenario that can be slotted into any campaign and, with very little work, any roleplaying system."
    —Dave McAlister of UK Role Players

“A gripping gothic yarn. Retribution is one part classic pulp, one part The Name of the Rose, and all around a compelling narrative with exciting encounters and absorbing NPCs. It will no doubt leave a lasting impression on every adventurer who dares winter on the Lonely Coast.”
    —Stephen Radney-MacFarland

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***** (based on 8 ratings)

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After a long time off from gaming I bought Retribution as the first adventure to play with my new gaming group. My gaming group have loved this (my slightly glitchy GMing less so) and it's been very easy to run.

The story arc is extremely good, the NPCs feel really deep (freely downloadable handouts really helped with that too) and all of the material is right where you want it when you're running it.

Basically I can't recommend it enough. I grabbed a pdf of the collectors edition when it came out (I was part way through running it already) and that's also really worth a look.

An incredibly well written adventure


I've been playing RPG's for many years now and I have always been dubious of written adventures/modules as they for most part are terribly written and incredibly cliched.

So, when I decided to start playing Pathfinder I thought it might be a good idea to purchase an adventure to see if they have improved. I picked this particular one for two reasons. Firstly, it wasn't a mainstream publisher and secondly the rave reviews.

Upon receiving this in the post I opened with great trepidation but was incredibly impressed. The quality of the writing as well as the technical detail which the author has paid is superb. Much of the tedious tasks such as travelling times etc are worked out and this leaves oddles of time to deliver the module with the energy and feeling it deserves.

I am on the cusp of the running this for my gaming group and I am excited about how it will pan out.

This for me has restored faith in publishers and 3rd party material. I have other works by this publisher such as Tribes 1 and 2 as well as Scions of Evil. They are all incredibly well written works which I would recommend to any GM.

Retribution, a Pathfinder Roleplaying Adventure by Creighton Broadhurst


I was seriously blown away by the richness and depth of this module. Seriously, Creighton is missing his mark by writing RPG modules and should be doing Fantasy Fiction. (as some of you might know I am more of a book reviewer than a game reviewer.)
This Adventure is designed for four First level PCs.

Oh well, on to the module itself. We have 60+ pages of material here. The PC’s basically travel to a monastery, and are trapped there during a snowstorm. Not surprisingly, “all is not as it seems”. I am not going to give away spoilers, however.

What I liked here, besides the rich language and well thought-out background for this module, is the lay out. As we all know, some DM’s like to read the whole module, while others want to “wing it”. The writer here wisely adds a “Adventure Synopsis” so that the “wingers” can read just a couple of pages and jump right in. Also each section has synopsis and summary with how many eps and the loot. Nice. There’s also a couple of unique monsters and even a one-of-a-kind magic item which won’t break any DM’s campaign- although it certainly useful. I always like those.
A few small caveats: there is one encounter (you’ll know when you get there) which if the Players are “open the door and kill it” types, will likely result in a TPK. DM’s- know your players. While there are several not-too-difficult ways of defeating this monster besides bashing it, if your players are of the “hack & slash” school, you might want to change the encounter a bit or warn them.

The one way I’d play this different is due purely due to a “DM philosophy”. I think PC’s need to be leveled up to level 2 asap. I like a fast advancement up to level 5, then I slow things down so that they can savor the “sweet spot’ for a while. Thus, if I was running this, I’d level the PC’s up to level 2 right after Part 1, then to level 3 at the end of the module (especially if the players showed good roleplaying). Yes, maybe I might add a few HP to a few monsters due to this, sure. But that’s not a criticism of this module at all, Creighton wisely follows the rules with the eps.

Overall, this is very well done module, with several nights of good gaming fun, a decent amount of combat, investigations and RPing possibilities.

I give it ***** out of *****.

A very nice adventure with a good mix of mystery, RPing and butt kicking.


Retribution by Raging Swan

This product is 71 pages long. It starts with a cover, credits, and ToC. (5 pages)

Introduction (3 pages)
This gives a overview of the adventures, the parts, history of the adventure. Comments about how xp is expected to be rewarded. Advice on how to put it in your campaign and a brief overview of the Lonely Coast. Default setting, which is also a free download by Raging Swan.

Part 1 Sanctuary (8 pages)
This section assumes the PC's are heading to the Priory. There is several plot hooks and advice on how to get your group to want to go there. During the trip a vicious winter storm hits, making travel hard and becomes a encounter in and of it's self as the PC's try and make it to the Priory, it also has advice on how to handle it if the PC's try to turn around and head back. In addition there is 2 other encounters in this section.

Part 2 Signs (20 pages)
This section deals with what happens after the PC's get to the Priory. They are allowed to stay until the storm breaks and can talk to the varies people here. If the PC's socialize at all they should quickly realize something is wrong, which should lead them into a investigation to try and figure out what is going on. It goes into daily life there for the NPC's and things to do while their. Along with side bars about the storm and if the PC's want to try and head out into the storm and leave.

Instead of having location encounters, it has events broken up by day. Leaving the PC's to do what they want each day, with the events happening on certain days/nights. This section is RP heavy and very sand boxy. In addition there is 5 possible encounters of the more traditional sort. I don't want to spoil the adventure so I won't comment on how they come about. There is a lot of side bars with advice to help deal with just about anything the PC's may or may not due and with how things may or may not turn out. This section was very well done.

Part 3 Darkness (12 pages)
This section is after the PC's find out what is going on and learn who the villain is, they go to confront them. This is a mini dungeon. There is 5 encounters in this section, as well as several other goals the PC's can accomplish to earn story reward bonus XP. I thought the last bit was a very nice addition to the adventure.

Appendix One – Cymer (6 pages)
This gives a history of the Priory, map, and location descriptions for it.

Appendix Two – The Folk of Cymer (6 pages)
This details all the NPC's at the Priory, with full stat blocks, histories, personality, mannerism, advice on how to play them and plot hooks.

Appendix Three – New Rule Items. (4 pages)
This section introduces a new race, Half Goblins. Including rules for making them into a PC race. Lore history everything you would want or need for a new base race. One new magic item, two new gods and a bit about a cult.

It ends with a OGL, one page of ads and a back cover. (3 pages)

Closing thoughts. I like the adventure a lot. It has nice elements added from the winter storm, it has a very good mix of RP, mystery and butt kicking heroics to give a little something to everyone and let every character have a moment to shine. The mystery was pretty well done, the villain was interesting, the NPCs where interesting. The final fight, they don't have to kill the villain. They can RP and talk sense to him... or just kill him. The fact there is a option though is very nice. Plus the villain is not a black and white bad guy. The PC's might actually understand his motives, not his methods but his motives.

I didn't notice any obvious errors, the editing was good. The art work is good black and white art. The maps are decent black and white maps, solid nothing fancy but very usable maps. It would have been nice to have a player friendly version of the priory map. Add in all the free web extras on the company site. (the give their URL and inform you of them, so go get them). It is a very good adventure with a nice mix of things. I plan to use it in my up coming game. So whats my rating? I am giving it a 4.5 star review. Why not a 5 star with all I said? Mostly cause I look at it and think with just a bit more polish here and there and it could have been even better.

The best 1st or second Level adventure written


I think this the bet written PFRPG intro adventure avalible out there. I would pare this with the Swallowfled download also published by Raging Swan. Their website has a whole campaign setting download for free along with tons of downloadable content.

The PDF is printer friendly. The black and white art is good, but where these products shine is in the content.

Simply put this is product is well worth your money. If you are on the fence get off of it and put this one in the basket!

I bought the printed version from Amazon too because it wasn't avalible here at my favorite shop.

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