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Hirelings: Into the Wild (PFRPG) PDF

***** (based on 7 ratings)

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You wouldn’t travel into the primeval forest without a tent and trusty hatchet; why go without a wily scout? Hirelings: Into the Wild is a free supplement to round out any wilderness-oriented Pathfinder Roleplaying Game campaign. Inside are full write-ups for four different hirelings: the camp follower, the guide, the porter, and the steward. This fully illustrated PDF also includes rules and helpful hints for using hirelings in your campaign.

Hirelings: Into the Wild is a companion piece to the Pathfinder Paper Minis: Pathfinder Adventure Path #31—"Stolen Land" set. Miniatures for each of the NPCs provided here are available in that set.

Written and illustrated by Crystal Frasier

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Average product rating:

***** (based on 7 ratings)

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A well-written, thoughtful and funny compilation of four unique NPCs. If you are a GM, you shouldn't miss this free little helper.

Worth actually paying for


The write up of the hirelings and the ideas for using are tremendous and a potential time saver for me as a GM. It's a free download but if I saw this in print as a pamphlet for $5 I would gladly pick it up.


I enjoyed this. I laughed out loud enough to get curious looks from my wife when I read the Camp Followers skills: Profession (Oldest). Very funny. I was glad to see the character filled out in a more practical and useful manner than the simple expression of that one profession might show. The porter and steward are going to become regualr features in some of my games, specifically one that has a mid-level party that has already come into a working estate (now the wizard doesn't have to pay the taxes and the fighter isn't always carrying in the luggage). Guides are always useful and seldom ever carrying ranger levels, so this one fits the bill just fine.

I like it.


Is good. Can fit into any PF game. I would buy similar products to this one. Huzzah!

Great Package!


These four NPCs are easily adaptable to most any campaign. If you characters aren't high enough levels to afford hirelings yet, each one comes with several other suggested NPC roles as well!

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