Pathfinder Adventure Path #32: Rivers Run Red (Kingmaker 2 of 6) (PFRPG)

****½ (based on 12 ratings)
Pathfinder Adventure Path #32: Rivers Run Red (Kingmaker 2 of 6) (PFRPG)

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Chapter 2: "Rivers Run Red"
by Rob McCreary

With the heart of the Stolen Lands explored and the bandits who ruled there scattered, the long-contested realm finally lies open for pioneers and settlers to stake their claims. Amid the rush of opportunistic travelers, the PCs find themselves stewards over a new domain, tasked with the responsibility of guiding and guarding a fledgling nation struggling to grow upon a treacherous borderland. Yet the threats to this new nation quickly prove themselves greater than mere bandits and wild beasts, as the monstrous natives of the hills and forests rampage forth to slaughter all who have trespassed upon their territory. Can the PCs hold the land they’ve fought so hard to explore and tame? Or will their legend be just one more lost to the fangs of the Stolen Lands?

    This volume of Pathfinder Adventure Path includes:
  • “Rivers Run Red,” a Pathfinder RPG adventure for 5th-level characters, by Rob McCreary.
  • Expansive new rules for running your own cities and nations, by James Jacobs.
  • Insights into the rugged faith of Erastil, god of the hunt, by Sean K Reynolds.
  • Pathfinder Ollix Kaddar and Phargas get themselves to a nunnery in the Pathfinder’s Journal, by Richard Pett.
  • Five new monsters, by Adam Daigle, Rob McCreary, Sean K Reynolds, and James L. Sutter.

Pathfinder Adventure Path is Paizo Publishing's monthly 96-page, perfect-bound, full-color softcover book printed on high-quality paper. It contains an in-depth Adventure Path scenario, stats for about a half-dozen new monsters, and several support articles meant to give Game Masters additional material to expand their campaign. Pathfinder Adventure Path volumes use the Open Game License and work with both the Pathfinder RPG and the standard 3.5 fantasy RPG rules set.

ISBN–13: 978-1-60125-233-3

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****½ (based on 12 ratings)

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Good back material, poor maps

****( )

I ran this adventure with moderate modifications for a group of 5 players (4 experienced, 1 novice). We switched to the fast advancement track here, which meant cutting some encounters to bring the xp gain in line, and expanded Candlemere Tower slightly. With these modifications and a few kingdom turns, the adventure took 8 sessions of three or four hours each, for a total of ~30 hours. The players had a lot of fun.

The back material of the adventure is fantastic and pulls the book up to four stars. The kingdom rules are legendary, although they work best as something between sessions and are now replaced by the rules in Ultimate Campaign. I found the random event table in this version better than the one in Ultimate Campaign - it's less detailed but that makes it easier to tie in to existing plot threads. SKR's Erastil article is good, and the rorkoun from the bestiary fit in to my side quest involving Old Ones perfectly.

The adventure itself continues some of the same great trends from the first one in the series, with a rich world to explore full of fun and unique NPCs that make roleplaying a blast. Unfortunately, the bigger locations fall flat. The maps in particular are boring and often symmetrical. The last dungeon also makes no sense. A potentially awesome rush back to deal with a threat to all the PCs' hard work in front of their own walls gets turned into an 8 room dungeon with three set of monsters that logically shouldn't be living together.

If you're willing to put in the time to tailor this adventure to your group, this book is great inspiration. If you want to run an adventure as is, it's still good but could be better.

Build a Kingdom to rival Camelot!


Kingdom building was such an amazing added bonus and new level of fun and excitement! Great encounters and wonderful opportunities throughout the book for not only roll playing but true role playing as well.

Very entertaining


In my campaign we ended up switching out the city building rules for the updated version in Ultimate Campaign.
We also added more "kingdome events" to build a story for the region. Otherwise it turns into a hex cleaning campaign leaving the PCs high level and the kingdom undeveloped.

Blood Will Run in the Gutters Until...RIVERS RUN RED

The second installment of the Kingmaker Adventure Path gets down to the nitty-gritty of building a barony. This can be almost as much fun as slaying the trolls! Check my full review: Rivers Run Red

Recession Review gave this a bump see link for that review at end

****( )

My review format is bullet points if you want to read a book, well read the book :)

The Good: -I feel like I've been waiting for good kingdom building rules my entire gaming career, this will also be under ugly its a love hate system.
-End villain is amazing if you steal ideas from DM_Dudemeister's thread, if not so so.
-Sandbox style which I still approve of.
-NPCs become way more interesting and critical as the PCs need them for the kingdom building rules which is a great story building tool.
-At the end of the day I had a blast running this despite its flaws

The Bad: -Hexploration gets really old and there's 3 more books of it.
-Candlemere is a waste of location opportunity, lose the story about the annoying kid and his priest friend and make this a real location.
-I end up disliking Erastil.

The Ugly: -Not for novice DMs, this book broke a GM I took over.
-The kingdom building system provided the base of the system I've been looking for without knowing it all my life a a DM, that said I have reworked it extensively as it wasn't nearly comprehensive or balanced enough. Maybe get the John brazier product if you're too lazy or use the system I posted....
-Unless you mod the Owlbear at the end is redundant as an enemy and king H makes no sense as written.

Overall: The kingdom building will divide most groups as some will love some will hate. Again you get out what you put in have to think of this AP as an outline, use the forums Luke...

Recession Review is located here.

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