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Fallen of Obsidian Twilight: Asi Magnor (PFRPG) PDF

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Sheathed in fragrant wrappings and armored by magic and sheer age, the undead emperor Asi Magnor conquered the world before, and after, his death. He radiates power and malevolence, the desire to rule and the power to clutch the world in his claw-like hands or crush it beneath his sandaled feet. Asi Magnor was born into a long and unbroken line of kings in the desert Kingdom of Shaan. The Shaan were known, before the cataclysm, as a peaceful and cosmopolitan people with ornate and elaborate death rituals, but in the time of Asi Magnor, some three thousand years before the cataclysm, they were a war-like people with advanced cities, agriculture and great command of magic.

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Mummy-king of OT

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Note: If you have the Obsidian Twilight Campaign Setting, DON'T BUY THIS! It only duplicates content from that setting and can be considered a preview.
This pdf is 5 pages long, 1 page front cover, 1 page SRD, leaving 3 pages of content.

The pdf portrays one of the major players of the Obsidian Twilight setting, Asi Magnor is a CR 30 mummy-king with a quite complex stat-block befitting of such a big baddy. The entry comes with a short history of the villain as well as some magic items of his regalia.
While I really do like complex stat-blocks, I am not too great a crunching numbers myself. One of the things that struck me as a bit strange was the creatures speed of 25 ft., when a normal mummy has 20 feet. Oh well.
The regalia of Asi Magnor unfortunately does not live up to his cool premise and the component weapons, while featuring cool names, seemed quite weak to me or at least not befitting a CR 30 endgame villain.

For not even a buck you get both a nice full-color artwork of the mummy-king as well as a nice, big stat-block. Due to the complex and interesting things that COULD have been done with such a high-CR-villain as well as the rather uninspired magic items, I'll settle for a final rating of 2.5 stars. Gift Certificates
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