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Evocative City Sites: Lorn's Entrepot (Abandoned Warehouse) (PFRPG) PDF

***( )( ) (based on 2 ratings)

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I am an explorer, a man of action, and foiler of nefarious plots. Come read my book, Evocative City Sites, and I, Owain Northway, will guide you through the darker corners to a lost storehouse overtaken by urban decay. I will tell you of the abandoned warehouse formally known as Lorn's Entrepot.

Evocative City Sites: a Pathfinder Roleplaying Game-compatible supplement detailing small locations that you could find in any urban campaign setting. This site is detailed with its own cartography, a 1"=1 square-scale map pack, two unique NPCs, and 1 new monster, all presented in the unique, useful, and entertaining form of Owain Northway's first-person point-of-view guidebook.

Lorn's Entrepot (Abandoned Warehouse) is a place the seedier side of the city uses as a forgotten storehouse where violent bands hold meetings and dangerous battles take place, as beggars and the homeless scatter from their disturbed abodes.

    This product includes:
  • The Strife Elemental (CR 3)
  • An Advanced Dark Debased Satyr (CR 7)
  • An Advanced Nightmare Rakshasa with unique feats and unique magical item (CR 15)

Author: Steve "Qwilion" Russell
Artists: Richard Biggs Jr. Hugo Solis, Joe Calkins, Public Domain

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Product Reviews (2)

Average product rating:

***( )( ) (based on 2 ratings)

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A warehouse-sidetrek that could have been more...

***( )( )

Well, DM has already written about most of the content, although I have some stuff to add.
One of the two maps is, fortunately, the roof of the warehouse. If I had a dime for every warehouse roof I had to draw in my years as a DM... Thanks for taking this burden from my shoulders. Both the roof and the warehouse maps are high quality.
The two NPCs that were presented were quite well done, one of them would fit fine into the third Curse of the Crimson Throne Adventure Path as a liaison to a certain house.
The other one, a bum named Bumpfield, is really cool and I'll be sure to make use of him in my campaign. Sooner or later, a DM always needs a seedy bum-informer with some little extra.

There are also 3 new feats for shapeshifters which are neat and may see some use in my campaign.
Then there is a new magic instrument, a veena. It's ok. Nothing too grand, but nice.
And finally a new creature, the "strife elemental", a creature that feeds on aggression and incites it. While it may work, I can't see myself using this creature more than once or as something different than a puzzle/plot monster.

The IC introduction was ok, but not as gripping as in "The Rogue's Gallery".

In conclusion: There is nothing wrong with this product, you get a nice idea for a gang, an easy AP-tie-in, 2 nice NPCs, 1 Monster and 3 feats plus the maps for 2 bucks. However, there are no secret trapdoors, there is no DM-map with additional info. In direct comparison to the other EVCs the warehouse doesn't quite hold up.
I am, unfortunately, left with the same feeling as DM - this warehouse while not lacking anything per se, could have been so much more.

If you want a Warehouse for your PCs to fight in with some nice goodies, go for it.

A location side trek.

***( )( )

Evocative City Sites Lorn's Entrepot (Abandoned Warehouse) by Rite Publishing. I was given this product for the purposes of this review. This product is 47 pages long. Cover, Credits, two pages of maps is the first 4 pages. OGL, 1 add page and back cover is 3 more pages. 32 pages is taken up by blown up sections of the map ready to print to be used as a miniatures map with built in grid. The next two pages is a IC account of the warehouse and two of the NPC's. The final 6 pages are taken up by NPC stat blocks and information of the 3 NPC's at the location. With the last half page of the NPC section take up with a magic item and 3 new feats. (least I believe the feats are new).

Closing thoughts, this is basically just a location one can drop into your existing game as a diversion for the PC's. The NPC's are well done, the IC intro was a nice touch and like all Rite publishing stuff the lay out and quality is top notch. But... it just felt like something was missing. There really isn't much in the way of GM advice on how to use it, beyond the goals of the NPC's detailed in it. I would have liked something more, maybe a few more NPC's. Some more details about the warehouse like a short history maybe. Who now uses it, what the locals think. Don't get me wrong the product is nice but I really felt it could have used a bit more. In short if you are looking for something to drop into your existing game in a city for a little side trek for the PC's this works for that. I just feel it could have been more. So it does the job it set out to do, but since I think it could have used more to make it more useful I am giving it 3 stars. At 1.99 it is a nice pick up if you are looking for a short side trek. Gift Certificates
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