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Maps of Mastery—Forsaken Lands: Swamp Caves & Desert Sanctum Print

***** (based on 4 ratings)

Desert Sanctum PDF


Swamp Caves PDF

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Journey into the remote wilderness! This high-quality, double-sided poster map presents two very different natural environments for use in any genre of game, be it sci-fi, fantasy, or even modern horror! Designed and illustrated by veteran cartographer Christopher West, the poster measures 22 by 34 inches when unfolded, and features a 1-inch grid for play with most miniatures game systems. Various objects and natural elements printed in the maps feature fine colored lines to mark the boundaries of different kinds of terrain, like walls and obstacles; these are easily ignored if your game of choice doesn't need specific designations for terrain types, but useful if it does.

The Swamp Caves side offers a marshy landscape complete with dense foliage, murky water, dank earthen caves, and a secret hovel carved from the roots of some massive tree. This map has countless places for PCs—or any number of lurking horrors—to hide. Included for free with this poster is a 5 by 7-inch terrain card that you can place over the empty clearing of this map, seamlessly turning it into a starship crash site on some remote planet!

The Desert Sanctum is a ruined temple lost in the drifting sands of some distant wasteland! Shimmering portals of blue energy block the four main entrances, but someone—or something—has broken through the walls in several places, allowing access to the enigmas within! What lies within the great pit at the center of the Chamber of Echoes? Who carved the great obelisks? What forgotten ruler once sat on the misplaced throne? These mysteries are yours to unravel!

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***** (based on 4 ratings)

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Forsaken Lands


The content of the swamp map is useful for any genre of game. It is devoid of humanoid bodies, ancient statues or other genre-specific items yet includs a very helpful additional card that could make it sci-fi/supers focused if you wanted. A brilliant idea. The layout of the swamp map allows for a wide variety of cover, terrain and exploration options and is beautifully constructed. Lastly, and most importantly in my mind, is that the exits and water features along the top and bottom of the map match. Which means you can layout two of these maps, one on top of the other, to create a believable amount of larger map space.

My only request would be to leave off the text descriptions of what each area is (campsite, swamp caves, etc). I think it clutters the beauty of the map and breaks the 4th wall for the players.

For Skirmish or RPG play!


Unlike Chris' Starship map, this one is geared to either sci-fi or fantasy play.

Adhering to WotC standards of colored borders for marking terrain features and using text callouts to name locales, it makes for great minis skirmish play and never gets in the way for an RPG setup.

The Desert Sanctum is a great loaction to run a sprawling combat. And the visuals are downright awesome.

The other side with the swamp caves I'll certainly be using for a caertin climactic encounter in Pathfinder AP#29 of Council of Theives fame. Can't wait!

Keep up the super work on these!

Swamp Caves/Desert Sanctum


Chris makes some of the BEST maps available in the secondary market!
Either for D&D adventures or Star Wars miniatures or RPG; his stuff ROCKS!

Any one who passes up an oppurtunity to get one of his double sided maps is just CRAZY dumb!

I'm very much looking forward to the next set Chris, Keep 'em comming, I'll keep buying them!

Incredibly Balanced Map


My buddy and I ran a 150 point minis game on Swamp Caves just last night - and it was a blast. I was impressed with how balanced the map ended up being - despite not being "readily symetrical". Very impressive. Gift Certificates
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