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HeroScape—Dungeons & Dragons: Champions of the Forgotten Realms Expansion Set Assortment

****( ) (based on 1 rating)

List Price: $51.96

Our Price: $46.76

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Heroscape D&D Assortment 1: Champions of the Forgotten Realms is the first Heroscape small wave expansion composed entirely of Dungeons & Dragons iconic content. Dark hoards are on the march—lizard men, ghost knights, dark elves, and evil elementals are being summoned. The warriors of Faerûn are summoned to the greatest battle of all time. Will the Champions of the Forgotten Realms be enough to stem the tide?

This collection contains 20 figures—all completely compatible with the entire existing Heroscape rules system. Each pack contains 5 non-random figures, a Heroscape stat card for each figure type and a new treasure token.

    This assortment contains the following expansions:
  • Warriors of the Ghostlight Fen—contains a Fen Hydra, a Sahuagin Ranger, three different Phantom Knights, and one treasure glyph.
  • Fury of the Primordials—contains a Wyvern, an Air Elemental, an Earth Elemental, a Fire Elemental, a Water Elemental, and one treasure glyph.
  • Glaun Bog Raiders—contains a Greater Ice Elemental, three different Greenscale Warriors, a Drow Chain Fighter, and one treasure glyph.
  • Heroes of Faerûn—contains a Cyclops, a Drow Aracnomancer, an Elven Ranger, a Battle Mage, a Dwarf Warlord, and a treasure glyph.

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****( ) (based on 1 rating)

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New mechanics and treasure glyphs

****( )

WotC continues its DnD-themed Heroscape releases with Champions of the Forgotten Realms.

This set offers a fair assortment of new mechanics to bend the existing strategies of your Heroscape game. You also receive a new Treasure Glyph in each pack. Treasure glyphs were introduced the DnD Master Set. They are basically glyphs you can place on an army card, and they last permanently or are single-time use. This set offers treasure glyphs that increase movement, damage, defense, or attacks against undead.

Like the DnD Master Set, this set recycles figure molds from the DnD minis line, finishes them with different paint jobs and attaches them to Heroscape bases. Paint jobs are fair to average, nothing too spectacular - although the clear colored plastics used for the water and fire elementals are kind of neat.

New mechanics include the ability to change an area of water into passable terrain (Greater Ice Elemental), the ability to pull opponent figures from one location to another (Drow Chainfighter and Wyvern), slow the movement of opponent figures (Air Elemental), multiple attacks from one figure (Hydra), granting a form of Counterstrike to friendly figures (Torin), and the potential to damage every adjacent figure every turn (Fire Elemental). These new abilities will alter the way Heroscape is played moreso than previous sets, promoting entirely new ways to build armies.

This set comes with only 2 common squads. The rest of the figures are either common, uncommon or unique heroes. 4 treasure glyph cards and 16 figure cards make this set one of the most card-heavy releases to date. Players will likely want more of these packs to make elemental armies, especially with the promise of an elemental-summoning figure in the next small expansion.

Note: There have been reports of missing or torn cards in this expansion (you can call WotC's customer support and they will replace damaged or missing cards). I was lucky - all of my cards are accounted for in my set. However, I don't like that the cards now come in sealed plastic packs that you have to destroy instead of reusable folded, taped envelopes. I liked using the folded envelopes to store groups of cards in my own collection. Also, you won't receive any marker stickers for the Uncommon heroes in these packs like you did in the DnD Master Set.

I'm glad to see the Heroscape line continuing, but frankly I'd like to see more of the Heroscape universe expanded rather than have WotC find more ways of adapting DnD figures for Heroscape. Still, if that's what it takes for new Heroscape releases to come out, then I'll accept it, for a time.

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