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Pathfinder Society Scenario #45: Delirium's Tangle (PFRPG) PDF

***½( ) (based on 26 ratings)

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A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for 1st to 5th level characters (Tiers: 1–2 and 4–5).

The Pathfinder Society owes Grandmaster Torch a favor and he's calling it in. It seems he misplaced Nuar Spiritskin, the famous minotaur prince of Absalom, and Torch needs you to find the prince before the city discovers that the minotaur is missing. He sends you deep beneath Absalom into a maddening maze of malign shapes, hideous creatures, and secrets that haven't seen the light of day for more than a thousand years.

Written by Crystal Frasier

This scenario is designed for play in Pathfinder Society Organized Play, but can easily be adapted for use with any world. This scenario is compliant with the Open Game License (OGL) and is suitable for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

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Product Reviews (26)
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Average product rating:

***½( ) (based on 26 ratings)

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Interesting but mechanically frustrating

***( )( )

Recently played in a home game (high tier) that has been working through the old PFS scenarios. The setting and overall ambiance worked really well for me, though the details of the plot (beyond "here's a macguffin to recover and a princess to rescue") were not only hard to decipher but also seemingly meaningless to the resolution of the story. I had a lot of fun with the idea that a minotaur could be a damsel in distress, though...

it seemed that the scenario was written such that the minotaur chooses not to aid the party against its captor? As soon as I spotted it in the final encounter I figured we'd need its help, but our DM left him too dazed to help even after we spent time healing him mid-combat

The beginning and end were both fun (I particularly found the boss chamber to be brilliant), but the mechanics of the middle sections were very frustrating.

My instinct when reaching the maze was to immediately investigate and make sense of how the maze worked to solve the puzzle. Pretty quickly I got cut off with a mention that there would be no puzzle solving. The maze had prescribed methods for traversal. So we were stuck applying skill checks (and mostly failing them) until the scenario decided we had had enough. It felt very frustrating and ultimately like the scenario was playing itself with our characters merely along for the ride.

This was compounded by the water room, where despite wanting to solve some kind of puzzle and work out a solution, we were again stuck making checks until the scenario was satisfied. I was pretty sour on the overly rigid mechanics by the time we resolved everything.

A Wild Crystal Frasier Appears!


Have both played and run this scenario.

This scenario is unique and fun, offering challenges that the party might not be accustomed to using mechanics in fresh and interesting ways. One of my players when I ran it happily told me that it made him use something he's never had to use in PFS before. The challenge doesnt match up to modern power-creeped characters, but few season 0 and 1 scenarios do. It takes risks and they almost all pay off in my opinion, which counts as a 5 for me.

With a narrativist GM willing to paint the scene, this scenario has some truly wonderful opportunities. There aren't a lot of opportunities for RPing with NPCs, but those that do come up are with rich characters (the GM should absolutely read the section on our misplaced minotaur in Guide to Absalom to inform his character!).

So close!

***( )( )

I've GM-ed this, but never played it.

Delirium's Tangle has a lot of potential. Some of the execution was a little... lacking.

The Good:

*Anytime Grandmaster Torch gives you a task, you know it'll be interesting!
*The idea of rescuing a minotaur from a maze is highly amusing.
*Derros are so much fun to use!
*The BBEG, as well as the lock on the final chamber was delightfully flavorful.

The Bad:

*The maze, or at least the options for solving it. The DCs seemed high for some options, and a lot of low-level PCs can't make them often if at all. This scenario is pretty clearly geared for Rangers, Rogues, and other skill heavy and/or Survival types, but players have no way of knowing that before entering. I like the idea of a maze, but this one was clunky and frustrating.

Interesting concept, meh execution

**( )( )( )

I liked the premise of this adventure. The BBEG is really cool. However, the maze exploration was a big disappointment.

We had a bunch of newbies and nobody had Survival, and the other skills you could use to navigate had their DCs too high. So we failed quite a few checks, each one leading to a repetitive encounter that just cost Wand charges. And then after enough failures, we suddenly break through anyway.

Exploring the maze just felt like a stupid grind; there weren't really meaningful choices to be made or puzzles to be solved.

The fights were fun and apart from the repeat encounters, interesting. Not too hard.

Nice setting, but needs a solid GM

***( )( )

This was the first scenario I've ever played and I quite enjoyed it. It has a nice atmosphere and the setting is pretty nice. However, it's also a scenario that really needs a GM that's good at telling a story, and I was lucky to find myself in a situation just like that. Especially the whole chase scene needs good descriptions in order to not make it feel like simply rolling a dice. The way he described every step we took, made the environment come to live and drew us in closer and closer. It encouraged us to interact a lot in character, which is always nice.

Even though it was quite enjoyable, I can't really give this more than three stars. Due to our composition and size, the first couple of combats were pretty much non-existant. We had 6 mostly damage-heavy players, 2 animal companions and an eidolon, so fights were over in less than a round. I often didn't even get a chance to act before they were dead. Considering I was still getting used to how combat works, this wasn't a big deal for me. For more experienced players though, that can be quite disappointing.

I also can't really comment on the last fight. We were extremely lucky with our rolls and out of the four times we hit him in the first two rounds, three of them were crits. It was over before we knew it. That said, given the description and GM notes, I'm convinced he can actually be rather challenging if he gets going. Fortunately for us, we avoided that danger. Admittedly, it was rather anticlimactic, especially after the penultimate encounter, which I may add is enough on its own to make this a memorable scenario.

Final verdict: it's a fun scenario, but it needs a good storytelling GM. I think it's also best played in smaller parties of 4 or 5, to make it more challenging. Players need to really enjoy roleplaying in order to like this scenario as the combats are relatively easy. If you don't like that, you should consider staying away as you'll likely be disappointed.

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