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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Fantasia—F17: Legacy Of The Krystal PDF

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For many an Age has the Krystal been broken and made anew, a circle that entraps evils and destroys them. But this wheel of fate must be turned by the efforts of heroes, who themselves hold in their own hearts the greatest potential to fall. Now, the time has come when the circle renews. The Krystal has been remade into Rings, in which form it came to this world, and in which form it will be delivered. Many believe the Krystal a treasure, but in truth it is a spirit, a light, a power, and its home is in the mythical island-city of Ayrravathia, resting place of great heroes. Now, the greatest heroes of this Age must resist the evil bound within these Rings and bear them across the sea to this Holy land, where they can be purified and the circle begun anew. Will those heroes be you? Can you reach Ayrravathia before the dark power in the Rings destroys you?

Part 3 of the first-ever Fantasia Adventure Trilogy! Designed so that it can be played before Parts 1 and 2 if you desire a different story.

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