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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Fantasia—F15: Champion Of The Krystal PDF

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For many an Age has the Krystal been the treasure and the heart of a nigh mythical Order of Priestess stewards, guardians of the Kingdom of Roland and its people both seen and unseen. Yet now they are gone. Their protection is fleeting, and just as when the sun is obscured by the cloak of night, so is all the realm being invaded by other-worldly forces of evil, by restless spirits and legions of dead men. Many believe the Krystal has been broken, that its phantoms have escaped, and that the only way for the mists to return behind the curtain of night and the dead to return to their graves is for the Krystal to be made whole again. The Kingdom waits for a group of heroes to journey the length and breadth of the lands and find the lost shards of elemental faith, and with them, to heal the Krystal. Will those heroes be you? Can you find all the lost shards before all is lost?

Part 1 of the first-ever Fantasia Adventure Trilogy! Designed so that it can be played after Parts 2 and 3 if you desire a different story.

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