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Maps of Mastery: Detention Base & Grav Train

***** (based on 1 rating)

Our Price: $11.99


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Each of these twelve 5"x7" terrain cards, printed on heavy cover stock, presents a sci-fi location in remarkable detail, on a 1-inch grid perfect for miniatures gaming! Place the cards together to custom-build a detention facility or a futuristic train station with furnished freight and passenger cars. (This set alone can produce a train nineteen inches in length, or you can combine multiple sets to extend it even further!)

Each set includes a Battle Stations tile that matches the Maps of Mastery Exodus-Class Heavy Courier, allowing players to customize that starship with additional weapons and escape pods! Meanwhile, the train cards and matching Extension Bridge complement the reverse side of that poster, allowing endless customization options and replay value on the Offworld Shipping Center.

Professionally illustrated by veteran game cartographer Christopher West, these tiles match his signature style and include fine colored lines to denote different types of terrain.

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Average product rating:

***** (based on 1 rating)

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Very Usefull, and beautiful...


Picked these up, along with the Heavy Courier Ship/Shipping Center map at GenCon this past year. Our last Star Wars session, the GM used both sides of the large map - but the encounter before the shipping center occured on a "Tram", where he used these tiles. When they encounter was over, the "tram" pulled up to the edge of the larger map - and it was seamless! Great design on these... Gift Certificates
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