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Paths of Power (PFRPG)

***½( ) (based on 4 ratings)

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Few things serve to define a character as much as their class does. A character’s class is more than what they do, it’s who they are. It is a reflection of the character’s beliefs and what they hold dear, and explains why they do much of what they do. It serves them as their profession or vocation in life. Sometimes a character is drawn to a specific class because of their beliefs; sometimes they mold their attitudes to fit the class they have chosen. Either way, nothing represents a character quite like their class does.

Just as we in the real world can choose from many different paths in our lives, so should our characters. Go beyond the standard options with Paths of Power.

Paths of Power details five new base classes (Anti-paladin, Gladiator, Samurai, Voyageur & Witch), three prestige classes (Child of Bast, Crypt Stalker & Envenomed), and four class options for player characters (Air, Earth, Fire & Water Elementalist “schools” for Wizards). Also included are three classes that are designed specifically for non-player characters, but that can be used for player characters as well (Captain, Courtesan & Sycophant).

There are new feats and skills for the classes and class options, as well as spell lists and new spells for the spellcasting classes. New equipment and magic items unique to some of the classes are included. Characters with the same class tend to gravitate toward each other and work together—a number of organizations that members of the new classes might belong to are outlined as well.

With both PC and NPC options, Paths of Power will be a wonderful asset for players and Game Masters alike!

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Product Reviews (4)

Average product rating:

***½( ) (based on 4 ratings)

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A solid niche product.

***( )( )

My review wouldn't fit in the space. I tried to cut it down but just couldn't. So see my review as a forum post below.

Still a little situational for the price

**( )( )( )

While some of the classes, especially the voyageur, are interesting, and might trip some player or GM's imaginations, I can't help but think that I don't want quite as many "alternate" versions of what Paizo has coming out officially. If you really don't like the Paizo versions, I guess this might be worth checking out.

Also, the NPC classes are interesting, but how much you value having new NPC classes will probably vary.

The PrCs really don't do much for me as far as "needing" to have PrCs.

A host of options

****( )

I just finished reading the book tonight so I will get my thoughts down now so I do not forget. I would not give this book a full five stars but I did very much enjoy reading this tome of new classes for Pathfinder.

There is a lot here worth considering, and some material I don't agree with but am glad to see none the less. A lot of this is niche classes based on mostly real world equivalents. I can tell a lot of time and effort went into writing this.

Classes both PC and NPC are neat ideas that require little to no work to add to a given campaign. Feats are nice, a few maybe too nice for some GMs but good options as well as the spells and equipment. Bottom Line: worth checking out and recommended for more options for Pathfinder games.

Spectacular Product!!!


4 Winds Fantasy Gaming has quickly established itself as a must-buy for me for my gaming needs, and Paths of Power is no exception to this tradition of excellence.

I was VERY impressed with the vast majority of the stuff. The Voyageur is already being used in my home game, as we had an NPC fur trader that works much better with this class than with that I'd used previously, and I already KNOW that the Gladiator will be seeing some heavy usage, due to the awesome pro-wrestling vibe it has on top of some great game mechanics. The Samurai actually SEEMS like a Samurai instead of Asian-themed fighter-paladin, which can be hard to do, and the witch was clearly a labor of love and can easily fill two or three different roles depending on the build. The new feats had some must-takes as well!

Special note should go to the NPC classes. The Sycophant amuses me endlessly, and I can already see the fun of utilizing it in my campaign, ala Bruce Campbell's role in Spider-Man II, and the others are well-done as well.

In conclusion, buy this product... it's an excellent use of the Pathfinder rules to build classes that have a place in any campaign. Here's looking forward to their next fine product! Gift Certificates
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