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Xcrawl: Guild Sourcebook (OGL) PDF

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Presenting your complete guide to some of the most important organizations in the North American Empire and the Xcrawl Games: The Mage's Guild, The Specialists' Guild, and The Adventurer's Guild.

The Guild of the Magi is one of the most powerful orgainzations in the NAE, and you get to examine first hand their rise to power and their role in the government.

The Adventurer's Guild lays down the law for the Games, and states what is and isn't allowed, and who can and cannot participate.

The Specialist's Guild (Thieves Guild is jut too negative a term) use their status to defend the Rogues involved in Xcrawl—after all, they are performers, not criminals.

But above and beyond all that, Xcrawl: The Guild Sourcebook is loaded with the cool stuff you look for in a sourcebook. Over one hundred new spells (including some VERY unique spells), new feats, new prestige classes, and much more to enhance any Xcrawl campaign.

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