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The Keep—Personal Information Manager for Gamers 1.0 (Windows Download)

***** (based on 2 ratings)

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Finally there's a personal information manager designed specifically for gamers: The Keep v1.0 from NBOS Software. Use The Keep to organize and track all your gaming information. Use it for your campaign notes, campaign logs, maps, handouts... all the information you need to track for a successful campaign!

The Keep is the perfect tool for Game Masters and Players alike! Quickly access and organize your campaign information—scenarios, creatures, maps, treasure, and more. Players can use it to keep track of all their characters, notes, henchmen, magic items, spells, and strongholds. Have more than one campaign? Not a problem! Use The Keep to organize any number of campaigns.

  • Organize your campaign information into intuitive folders
  • Track notes, maps, images, character sheets, handouts, and PDFs
  • Integrated word processor with spell checker
  • Fractal Mapper integration
  • Built-in Dice Roller
  • Inspiration Pad Pro integration for random names and encounters
  • Print a single document from your notes, maps, images, and character sheets
  • Game-system independent
    Feature List:
  • Keep track of your gaming information
    Keep track of all your gaming notes, session logs, maps, images, character sheets, and other handouts. The Keep is designed to be helpful to GM's and Players regardless of the game system played. Use The Keep to track information for any number of campaigns.
  • Intuitive Folders
    Organize and sort your campaign topics using an intuitive folder structure. Topics can be dragged and dropped to re-arrange them in your folders as well as copied. Topics can also be sorted alphabetically, or manually, so that they appear just as you'd like to see them.
  • Integrated Word Processor
    The Keep features a built-in word processor for your campaign notes. The word processor supports multiple fonts and styles, paragraph formatting, lists, and tables. It also features a customizable spell checker with support for multiple languages.
  • Hyperlinking
    Your note topics can support hyperlinking to other topics in your database. So you can, for example, link a reference to a monster in a scenario to that monster's topic page for quick access. You can also place hyperlinks in your notes that link to specific pages in a PDF.
  • Quick Logs
    Easily create dated game logs with a single click of a button. No more excuses! Click your campaign's 'quick log' button and a new topic using the current date is created automatically. Just start typing.
  • Searching
    Full-text search your notes, maps, and character sheets.
  • Password Protection
    Your database can be password protected to keep 'prying eyes' from seeing your GM's notes!
  • Dice Roller
    The Keep features an integrated dice roller which supports the wide variety of dice rolling combinations gamers need. Roll one or more dice of any standard dice type, drop the lowest or highest result in a row, add and subtract results, and roll open ended dice. The integrated dice roller also keeps a history of your dice rolls.
  • Fractal Mapper Integration
    Take advantage of The Keep's built-in Fractal Mapper map viewer. You can pan and zoom on the map, print it, and even show it on a second monitor... all without opening Fractal Mapper. If you have a copy of Fractal Mapper, you can launch it from within The Keep to edit the map.
  • Images and Handouts
    You can also keep track of all your campaign related images and handouts. The Keep can display images in common image file formats. Files in other formats can be tracked, and launched automatically with their associated application.
  • PDF Viewing
    Since PDF has become a very important format in the gaming industry, The Keep can track and display your gaming PDFs as well right within the program. (Integrated PDF viewing requires Adobe Viewer to be installed).
  • Web Pages
    Link topics to either local or remote (online) web pages for easy access to your common web based resources.
  • Character Sheets
    The Keep lets you track and edit Character Sheets created with the free NBOS Character Sheet Designer. Easily create new character sheets by selecting from any of your installed character sheet templates.
  • Web page export
    Create an entire campaign web site with just a few clicks! You can even customize the look and feel of the generated web pages.
  • Printing
    When you need a hard copy of your gaming notes, The Keep can print out a document consisting of your notes, logs, images, maps, and character sheets. You can print topics one at a time, or your entire database if you'd like. You can also print player versions, which print only those topics not marked as 'secret'.
  • ScreenMonkey Integration
    Use the maps and images you have stored in The Keep with ScreenMonkey, NBOS's online gaming tool. Simply pan/zoom to the view you wish to use as your SM background map, and click the post button. This integration works with both the commercial version of ScreenMonkey and the free Lite version of SM.
  • Multiple Monitor Display
    Display your maps and images on a second monitor for your players!
  • Inspiration Pad Pro Integration
    If you have NBOS's random generator tool, Inspiration Pad Pro (and why not, it's free), you can access all your generators from within The Keep. Roll on generators, and even drag/drop the generator results to create new topics.
  • Share Files
    You can easily share your campaign topics by creating export files which can be imported by other users of The Keep.
    Supported Platforms:
  • Intel Pentium IV class PC or faster with 512 meg ram.
  • 150 meg free hard disk space
  • Microsoft Windows XP or Windows Vista. The Keep v1.0 may also run on other earlier versions of Windows (such as Windows 2000, Windows 98, etc.) or under compatible systems such as WINE, but only XP and Vista are officially supported and tested.

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Average product rating:

***** (based on 2 ratings)

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The Keep is pretty great!


In depth review of The Keep, can be found HERE!

Outstanding product


This product has changed the way I run my games. It does exactly what it purports to do, helps you to organize your information into an easy to follow outline. I keep my NPC lists (sub-categorized into regions), images that I want to show my players, maps, outlines, flowcharts... pretty much everything is in here, and is easy to access. Add to this integration with Nbos software's excellent Inspiration Pad Pro and a built in dice roller, and you have a winning piece of software. Being able to installit to run completely from a thumb drive is just an outstanding bonus, allowing me to move my campaign notes from computer to computer without problems. No bugs I've encountered, and great utility, I recommend this product to all game masters without reservation.

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