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Feats 101 (PFRPG) PDF

****( ) (based on 5 ratings)

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Think you have enough feats to choose from? Think again! Feats 101 gives you—yes, you guessed it—101 feats that will help you realize the vision you've had for your character.

From new metamagic feats to feats that make use of your bond to your Animal Companion, Familiar, or Mount along with Combat Maneuvers, and Sorcerous Bloodlines, Feats 101 brings a host of new abilities to your character.

Wholly compatible with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, Feats 101 adds new agonizing choices to character creation and advancement without breaking the game.

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Average product rating:

****( ) (based on 5 ratings)

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****( )

I've had this PDF for a while. I use it but it has never been seen as a mandatory feat book that has really juicy options. However that does not mean that there are bad feats here, in fact I like quite a few of them, just nothing game changing or amazing, and that's just my preference for feats that get stuck into every single campaign you run so I won't really hold that against it.

If you want to get some neat options then this pdf is for you and I have used some of the feats repeatedly so it is useful just not indispensable. That said if you like taking feats for flavor I'm giving it four stars. Not necessary but incredibly nice to have.

Mmmm... feat collection. *drools*


Well written and quite clever, this book offers feats for any character design. A lot of wor clearly went into each new Feat, and all of them deserve a spot at your game table. Recommended.

New Feats for Pathfinder RPG

****( )

Feats 101 by Rite Publishing. I was given this product for the purposes of this review. I have not yet played using these feats my review is based on reading the feats and checking a few against existing PFRPG feats.

This product is 30 pages long. Cover, credits and ToC take up 3 pages. While OGL and back cover take up 2 pages.

It introduces 4 new types of feats. The first page is a intro and explaining this 4 new types of feats.
Combat Maneuver feats - These are feats designed to work with the new pathfinder mechanic in the combat maneuvers.
Bonded Feats – These are feats for those with animal companions, familiars, etc.
Talent Feats – These are special inborn feats that can only be taken at level one.
Spell-Touched Feats – These are feats one can take after having been exposed to a certain spell.

It of course has plenty of feats for the current types of feats in PFRPG. Needless to say there is 101 new feats.

The next 5 pages is a very nicely laid out chart that list each feat, what the prerequisites are, and up to two sentences of what it does. Making at a glance very easy to see what feats do and what you need to take them. They are also broken up by feat type, which further helps. The other 19 pages of the book contain the full descriptions of the feats. Below I will list a few example feats from the book.

Cloaked Fighting Style – When a enemy misses you can then attempt to disarm them.

Companion Cache – Familiar may store a equal number of spells as the casters level. So at 5th level you could store 1 3rd and 1 2nd, or 5 1st level etc. Otherwise works like a ring of spell storing.

Freezing Spell – Added to any damage spell, if the target fails the save must make a new Fort save or be slowed for one round.

Unborn Sorcery – Change the energy type of a spell to negative.

Monstrous Physique – Increase by one size category, apply the AC, attack and reach for the new class but not the stats.

Ok that is a few example feats. So here's my closing thoughts. First a few of the feats seemed familiar to me. I don't know if they was taken from OGL sources or not. Most look new or at least I have never seen them before. I found the feats as a whole to be well thought out and often very interesting. Some feats do seem a bit strong and some a bit weak but most fall within the same range as the ones in Pathfinder RPG. I did notice that a couple of the spells got left off the list. Companion Cache is not on the Bonded Feat list.

The book is very pretty, Rite Publishing has the nicest best laid out books of any 3pp currently IMHO. The artwork is nice as well, not something I typically care about. I see nice artwork as a bonus. My one major critic for the book is this. I really wish the feat tables had, had the name of the feats hyperlinked to the feat text. It is easy to find them as it does have alphabetical links, but it would have been nice. So taken as a whole since I did see a couple of minor errors I am giving this a 4.5 star.

101 Useful Feats


This is my favorite release from Rite Publishing so far. Not that my game will use all 101 feats presented, but there wasn't a clunker in the bunch. This product makes excellent use of the new Pathfinder Roleplaying Game rules and especially adds more depth to sorcerous bloodlines.

I only had a couple of quibbles--not enough to bring the rating down--for example, there were a couple of feats for negative energy channelers but not for positive energy channelers, and Wisdom is not an attribute I would have imagined for a fire-born sorcerer.

Overall, I felt like I got more than my money's worth, and I look forward to a companion book after the Advanced Players Guide hits the street.

Its not a bad product to take a look at.

***( )( )

If you aren't like me and tend to allow or disallow things on a pass/fail basis, but are willing to pick and choose what you want to put into your campaign, you will most likely be able to find a lot of use to you in this book. For me, I tend to like to say that a source is all in (perhaps with a few minor caveats) or just avoid the complication of adding a new source to the campaign. Gift Certificates
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