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"Rise of Angels" is the second release in the hottest new trading card game from Bandai. "Rise of Angels" introduces 115 cards from the world of Battle Spirits. Battle Spirits is a fantasy game where players attempt to master the use of their "core" to summon spirits from the different lands of War, Undead, Trees and Ice. "Rise of Angels" introduces a new land of Fairies controlled by yellow topaz core. Spirits from this land are masters of spells and will have access to powerful new spells introduced in this set. The unique core mechanic introduces a new way to play trading card games that creates immediate conflicts right from the start of the game. Will this new land control the Battle Spirits? . 8 cards per booster - up to 6 Common, up to 2 Uncommon, and 1 of 3 Rare card types; o Rare (3:4 packs Avg.); o Master Rare (1:5 packs Avg.); o X-Rare (1:23 packs Avg.)

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