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Kill Doctor Lucky

***** (based on 3 ratings)

Our Price: $29.99

Out of print

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The Origins Award–winning board game from James Ernest and Cheapass Games comes to your gaming table in a new full-color, high-quality deluxe edition featuring components on par with the best European board games.

Kill Doctor Lucky pits 3 to 7 players against each other in a race to see who can kill Doctor Lucky. The trick is that all the other players want to do it first and will stop at nothing to prevent you from having the pleasure. And the old doctor has earned his nickname well: he's got more lives than Rasputin and an uncanny knack for dodging your best traps. But his luck can't last forever. Before the game is over, someone is going to kill Doctor Lucky—wouldn't you rather it were you?

Everyone starts in the Drawing Room, and everyone wants to kill Doctor Lucky. Players move around the mansion looking for weapons and trying to catch the old man alone. Trying to kill the Doctor is pretty easy, but every other player can play Failure cards to stop you. Doctor Lucky's luck runs out eventually, though, and you just hope you can catch him when it does.

This new edition now includes the "...And His Little Dog Too!" expansion—three rules variants that feature Doctor Lucky's dog, Shamrock. He's just as lucky as his master and has an annoying habit of making you feel fond of him.

    Kill Doctor Lucky includes:
  • a full-color game board
  • a deck of 96 full-color cards
  • full-color rule book
  • 30 spite tokens
  • pawns and stands for seven players, Doctor Lucky, and his dog

Play the original Kill Doctor Lucky at GameTable Online!

Kill Doctor Lucky Rulebook

The rulebook for Kill Doctor Lucky is available as a PDF. - Download (242kb zip/PDF)

Product Availability

This product is out of print.

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***** (based on 3 ratings)

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Just got this


Just got this boardgame as a gift and had a game of it.

Kill Doctor Lucky draws the players in as they try to maneuver to a secluded spot to kill the darned doctor without being spotted.

The session took longer than we expected, and it was more difficult to murder the lucky bastard than you'd imagine. It took 5 people playing for the first time about an hour and a half to play one game. I think that once the rules are learned, it will only take an hour or so.

My group really enjoyed playing the game and will be adding it to the game list.

Fast paced and wacky good time


I had the opportunity to play this for the first time this afternoon and loved every minute of it. The board, pieces, and cards all feature beautiful art and funny little details. I really liked the fact that one can play it fairly straightforward or with additional expansions (included!) and levels of strategy. My only gripe with the set is that the deck of cards is too tall to shuffle neatly, but other than that, it's a perfect game. I can't wait to play it with friends, family, and complete strangers in the near future.

Fun For the Whole Bloody Family


I had been waiting for the new version to come out after hearing about the old print, So glad I did, the whole family loves this game. It's simple enough that even my 10 year old twins can win.

The nuances of play are exceptional, the key to victory is strike early, build up your spite tokens, and force your opponents to waste there cards. But be careful you don't leave yourself short.

One of the fun things we started doing is giving our characters a back story as to why we want to Kill Dr. Lucky!

Plan ahead, but be prepared for your plans to be
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