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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

GameMastery Item Cards: Adventure Gear Deck—Non-Mint

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NOTE!!! This product is not in mint condition. Non-mint products have typically been dinged or bent or picked up some other form of imperfection during the course of shipment, so we're making them available at a discounted price. While they have some cosmetic damage, they should still be in usable condition. There will be no refunds on non-mint products.

Gear Up.

Item Cards: Adventure Gear allows players to track mundane items just like they've been tracking their magic items. In response to popular demand from players, Paizo has created a deck of 54 non-random item cards covering everyday adventuring items.

Useable in ANY fantasy roleplaying game, Adventure Gear is the perfect player accessory! Never again will you forget how many torches you’re carrying, whether you packed those caltrops, or who has the rope. You ain't got it 'til you get it!

Useable by experienced GMs and novices alike, this product fits perfectly into any Game Master's arsenal.

01 Acid
02 Alchemical Fire
03 Alchemical Stone
04 Backpack
05 Bag
06 Bag of Marbles
07 Bedroll
08 Bell
09 Blanket
10 Block and Tackle
11 Bottle of Wine
12 Caltrops
13 Candle
14 Chalk
15 Crowbar
16 Deck of Cards
17 Dice
18 Disguise Kit
19 Flask
20 Grappling Hook
21 Hammer
22 Healing Kit
23 Holy Symbol
24 Holy Water
25 Ink and Quill
26 Lamp Oil
27 Lantern
28 Lock
29 Lute
30 Magnifying Glass
31 Manacles
32 Mirror
33 Parchment
34 Piton
35 Poison
36 Pole
37 Pouch
38 Rations
39 Ring
40 Rope
41 Sack
42 Saddle
43 Saddlebags
44 Scroll Tube
45 Spellbook
46 Spyglass
47 Tankard
48 Tent
49 Thieves Tools
50 Tinderbox
51 Torch
52 Waterskin
53 Whetstone
54 Whistle

Sample cards. Click to enlarge.

Illustrations by Vincent Dutrait.

Product Availability

Ships from our warehouse in 1 to 7 business days. This product is non-mint. Refunds are not available for non-mint products. The standard version of this product can be found here.

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