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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Mystic Investigators PDF

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From the author of Dear Cthulhu and the Murphy's Lore Series comes: a fairy with a gun... An enigma in a straightjacket... A Soul Collector... a forgotten god who works as Hell's Detective... and many more. Down these mean streets filled with monsters and magic, walks a new breed of sleuth—the Mystic Investigators.

PATRICK THOMAS is the author of over 80 published short stories and more than 17 books including the popular fantasy humor series MURPHY'S LORE, which includes the collections EMPTY GRAVES and NIGHTCAPS in the AFTER HOURS series. Other books in the series include the collections BARTENDER OF THE GODS, TALES FROM BULFINCHE'S PUB and THROUGH THE DRINKING GLASS the novels REDEMPTION ROAD, SHADOW OF THE WOLF, and FOOLS' DAY.

    Stories include:
  • BRAGGING RITES: A Hunt Adventure
  • A STITCH IN TIME: A Case of the Soul Collector
  • SPAWN OF LIGHTNING: From the World of Agents of the Abyss
  • NIGHT CRIES: A Story Of The Nightcriers
  • WORKING GIRL: A Tale of the Daring
  • TESQUE, TESQUE: A Story of Fugtown
  • PUT YOUR DEMON ON MY SHOULDER: A Little Insanity Featuring Lunay
  • BARBARIAN SUMMER: A Chronicle of Mog & Mikki
  • DYSENCHANTED: A Hell's Detective Mystery

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