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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Castles & Crusades Adventure Module U2: Fingers of the Forsaken Hand (OGL) PDF

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Upon the windswept slopes of the hooked peak known as the Sickle lies the entrance to an ancient testing ground. Here, in days past, a sect of wizards, druids, and powerful warriors built their abode. A great store of wealth and knowledge they brought to their temple, built in the hopes of finding the secret of eternal peace. Legends tell of a day when the mountain shook, and the sky turned crimson and black, and great magics were flung across the foothills in an epic struggle... and then the Sickle grew quiet, and has remained that way for eons.

For 6-8 characters, levels 8-10.

These legends linger in the memories of only a few. In the town of Brionne, at the base of the Sickle, the stories are spun of the Mountain as a source of fabulous wealth and unimaginable power. Only the very brave, or very foolish, would dare to seek their fortunes in its forsaken halls.

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