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Iron Kingdoms: Monsternomicon Volume II—The Iron Kingdoms and Beyond (OGL)

***½( ) (based on 3 ratings)
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"The invasion of the skorne and the blighting of the frozen north are events that have brought the terrors of the wilderness to our doorstep. If there is one lesson you will learn from this book, it is that you were never safe cowering behind lock and key. The shadows bumping in the night have grown long and bold. They openly stalk even the bravest of men in the kingdoms. An ignorant main is a dead man, and sometimes it takes more than just a bigger gun. Arm yourself with knowledge, and buy my book!"
—Professor Viktor Pendrake

Discover the most dangerous and deadly creatures known to the Iron Kingdoms in this tome of over 50 monsters for Iron Kingdoms role-playing.

Read Professor Viktor Pendrake's journey to eastern Immoren and explorations of the Skorne Empire. With far more than just monsters, this tome is a treasure trove for the Iron Kingdoms enthusiast.

    With this book you will:
  • Discover clues to the destruction of ancient Lyoss, the doomed elven empire
  • Learn the legacy of the mysterious giants of Immoren
  • Explore unseen corners of Immoren and adventure where no man has stepped
  • Behold the entirety of Immoren with a brilliantly illustrated full-color poster map
  • Run an entire campaign in the Skorne Empire with three new character classes
  • Challenge characters of many levels with fearsome creatures exhaustively detailed by the Iron Kingdoms' foremost expert, Professor Viktor Pendrake

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Average product rating:

***½( ) (based on 3 ratings)

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Another well done Privateer Press book!


Adding even more monsters to the lush, detailed world of the Iron Kingdoms, this book gives GMs more monsters and details the civilizations of the Skorne and other creatures that exist to the east of the IK.

WOW! Eastern Immoren at last!

****( )

This book is incredible! It details the entirety of the continent of Immoren beyond the borders defined in the IKCG and describes the Skorne Empire as well as the Bloodstone Marches in great detail. The monster section at the beginning of the book covers some of the unique creatures that roam these lands and provides the usual amount of amazing IK detail in it's descriptions.

My only complaint? I'm not sure why they decided to incorporate the lands beyond Western Immoren into a Monsternomicon. They should have called it "Beyond the Iron Kingdoms" and detailed the additional setting material in the first part, then added the monsters in the back as an appendix. Still, as a hardcore IK fan, this book is extremely cool!

High quality as in vol. I, less monsters, OVERPRICED!

**( )( )( )

Those who know vol. I, will recognize the style of monster entries at once: some of the best designed monsters (in matters of abilities and ecology description) you can find. As in vol. I the monsters are backed up by "quickplates" (quickly appliable templates) and a few prestige classes.

Be warned, though: Only 175 pages of the book are dedicated to monsters, the remaining part is about the (until then) unknown eastern part of the continent and its dominant race, the skorne.

Production quality (240 pages b/w) are the same as in vol. I, two pages are marred by ads, though. On the other hand you receive a fold out full colour map of the continent.

And now the big downer: Although vol. II doesn't offer more quantity or quality than vol. I, it is 33% more expensive than vol. I!!! (39.99 vs. 29.99$$).

In my opinion this makes the book unfeasable for all but the most die hard fands of the setting. :( Newbies to the "Iron Kingdoms" or DMs interested in really good monsters should preferrably buy vol. 1.

Why do I give it only two stars? Because I compare it to the 5 star rated vol. I. The general quality is comparable and vol. II even offers a full colour map, but it falls short in categories like amount of monster content (it is called Monsternomicon, not campaign expansion! Where are encounter tables, CR listings etc?) and price-content-ratio. Gift Certificates
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