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Wanted: Players and DMs who love figurines of wondrous power

"The Agate Companion is a figurine of wondrous power that grants you an animal companion or your existing animal companion is granted the benefits of being a figurine of wondrous power. Like you, I love figurines of wondrous power, even long before a certain black panther and dark elf teamed up, and the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game gives me a window to something marvelous and make it work seamlessly with this simple addition. There is this wonderful twist I added too, but you will have to read about that for yourself..."
    —Steven D. Russell (Designer of the Agate Companion)

The Agate Companion is an extraordinary magic item that you can smoothly integrate into any campaign at any level of play while adding an additional piece of roleplay to the mix. The Agate Companion is the first piece in the Reverse Design project, where game material is crafted based on pitches submitted by the patrons and staff of Rite Publishing on a single piece of evocative artwork.

    Within, you will find:
  • An innovative figurine of wondrous power balanced for all level of play
  • Extensive Lore DCs so that DMs can impart the background of the magic item to the PCs
  • An original creature template that can be applied to any animal companion
  • Two example NPCs that can be used to introduce this new item into an existing campaign

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****½ (based on 3 ratings)

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More than a one-trick pony

****( )

This book provides a nice addition to any game and puts an interesting new spin on figurines of wondrous power.

This was marred by some clunky wording in spots, especially in the stats and lore section.

Imaginative look at Animal Companions.


Fantastic job mixing animal companions and figurines of wondrous power. Our playtest is going wonderfully, the player involved no longer forgets about his animal companion, and it is quite possibly the most interesting companion the party has ever had. This companion gives great roleplaying challenges. Great start to the reverse design series.

A Great RP Tool!


A tip of the hat to Ravenloft's "Dread Companions" in the spirit of Studio Arthaus' rendition of the Land of Mists. While some GMs might argue that the Agate Companion is perhaps "too good for its price", players who think they can use it as a mere "cheap boost" to their animals will soon find themselves in a destructive relationship the likes of 80's novel Christine. Giving the GM full control of your animal companion under the premise of making your life difficult comes with a price. Your closest friend might soon become your undoing.

I wanted to thank Taig, Dogbert and Jonathan Shade for taking the time do do a review of our product

Steve Russell
Rite Publishing

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