Champions: Villains, Vandals & Vermin


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VILLAINY UNLEASHED! Time for another dose of fiendish villainy!

Villains, Vandals, And Vermin introduces sixty new villains for Champions campaigns, ranging from low-powered costumed crooks to villains powerful enough to singlehandedly threaten the world.

    It includes:
  • the master villain Sunburst and his supervillainous henchmen
  • three villain teams: the Brain Trust, a group of strange villains led by a living brain; the Crimelords, a mercenary supervillain team; and the Tiger Squad, the official superhero team of China
  • over three dozen solo villains, suitable for combining into your own teams or hatching their own evil schemes
  • notes about how to make each villain weaker or more powerful
  • plot seeds for each villain

So watch your back... there are new villains out there waiting for you!

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