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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Champions: Stronghold PDF

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Supervillains are a tough bunch. Some can lift dozens of tons effortlessly. Others teleport, walk through walls, cast spells, or control peoples’ minds. How do you keep someone like that in an ordinary prison? You don’t—you keep them in a superprison. Stronghold describes just such a facility, tailor-made to hold your campaign’s villains.

    It includes:
  • a thorough discussion of what happens to a villain in the judicial system, from the time he’s captured to the time they shut his prison cell door, including how the law works in a world with superpowers
  • a complete description of Stronghold itself, with text and detailed maps showcasing its levels, facilities, cells, technology, procedures, and daily life
  • a look at Stronghold’s personnel, from Warden Wildman on down to the guards and janitors
  • new villains for your campaign—ones your heroes aren’t familiar with because they’ve been locked up in Stronghold for years
  • advice for gamemastering Stronghold and using it in your campaign, including several scenario outlines

Get ready for Omega-level excitement with Stronghold!

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