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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Daring Tales of Adventure: Figure Flats PDF


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Featuring 25 different figures from Nazi Storm Troopers to dashing actors and evil masterminds. In this set you will find all sorts of different characters to enhance your pulp games.

    In this set:
  • Nazi Storm Trooper—Gas Mask
  • Mafia Thug—Grey
  • Mafia Thug—Green
  • Mafia Thug—Brown
  • Weird Evil Mastermind—Dark Suit
  • Femme Fatale—Blonde
  • Femme Fatale—Redhead
  • Nazi Brute
  • Reporter
  • Millionaire Madman
  • Pulp Hero I
  • Pulp Hero II
  • English Dilettante—Blonde
  • English Dilettante—Brunette
  • Mad Scientist
  • Scrappy Kid
  • Oriental Mastermind
  • Ninja Assassin—Blue-Grey
  • Ninja Assassin—Brown
  • Ninja Assassin—Red
  • Native Cultist—Gold, Body Paint
  • Native Cultist—Gold, No Paint
  • Native Cultist—Ivory, Body Paint
  • Native Cultist—Ivory, No Paint
  • Native Cultist—Red, Body Paint
  • Native Cultist—Red, No Paint
  • Native Witchdoctor—Body Paint
  • Native Witchdoctor—No Paint
  • Native Champion—Body Paint
  • Native Champion—No Paint
  • Nazi Officer
  • Enemy Agent
  • Bedouin Warrior—Blue
  • Bedouin Warrior—Brown
  • Bedouin Warrior—Green
  • Cloaked Hero
  • Crazy Mystic
  • Jungle Lord
  • Dashing Actor
  • Archaeologist
  • Professor's Daughter
  • Nazi She-Wolf
  • Secretary Green

Page Count: 7

Artist: Jordan Peacock

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