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Wayfinder #1 (OGL)

***** (based on 4 ratings)
Wayfinder #1 (OGL)


Print Edition Unavailable

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Created by the fans for the fans, the first issue of the Wayfinder fanzine includes more than thirty articles designed to expand upon the world of Golarion. Inside you will find original fiction, new prestige classes, sorcerer bloodlines, magic items, and traits—and this is just a small portion of what awaits you.

Originally released in print for attendees of PAIZOCON 2009, this PDF is your chance to enjoy what your fellow Paizonians have created for the community—for FREE! The PDF release of Wayfinder #1 is in full color and includes a special challenge by Tim "Timitius" Nightengale, organizer of the first PAIZOCON.

Contributors: Adam Daigle, Ashton Sperry, Charles Evans, Claudia Burgos, Clinton J. Boomer, Colter Guthrie, Conceicao Hallen, Craig Johnston, Cristian Bodea, Crystal Frasier, Dave Mallon, Dennis Baker, Eric Morton, Ernesto Ramirez, Glen Zimmerman, Hal Maclean, Hugo Solis, Ian Cunningham, James Keegan, James Mackenzie, Jason Kirckof, Joseph Scott, Kelly Gragg, Jeff Lee, Jonathan McAnulty, Joshua Blazej, Justin Sluder, Kevin Coleman, Larry WIlhelm, Lissa Guillet, Liz Courts, Matthew Stinson, Michael Kortes, Michelle Craddock, Mike Welham, Neil Spicer, Raluca Rusu, Ross Byers, Russ Taylor, Paris Crenshaw, Tae-Bin Gulliver, Theodore Thompson, Trevor Gulliver, Troy E. Taylor.

Cover art by Hugo Solis and Michael Jaecks.

Wayfinder is a 77-page full-color PDF suitable for printing or viewing on your computer. It includes both Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Beta and OGL-compatible material for your enjoyment, and is released under the Paizo Publishing, LLC Community Use Policy.

This fanzine uses trademarks and/or copyrights owned by Paizo Publishing, LLC, which are used under Paizo's Community Use Policy. We are expressly prohibited from charging you to use or access this content. This fanzine is not published, endorsed, or specifically approved by Paizo Publishing. For more information about Paizo's Community Use Policy, please visit For more information about Paizo Publishing and Paizo products, please visit

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***** (based on 4 ratings)

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Template Fu Reviews Wayfinder #1


As part of my preparations for Paizocon 2016, I thought I really should catch up on my reading. So I started on Wayfinder, and realised that maybe I should brush up my reviewing skills at the same time. So here goes.

Wayfinder 1 is like a step back in time and a preview of the great things to come in later issues. I am going to try and review each article and artwork separately in just a few lines, and assign an individual and overall score for the content.

I will attempt to score the articles and art as I would have had I reviewed at time of release and not let the maturation of this production over the years to have any negative effect on my reviewing of the early issues.

The first review I did ran over into the comments sections, I fully expect this to do the same. I am pretty thorough which means I write a lot of words - more than these review boxes allow! ;)

Off we go then...

The cover art is Osirion inspired, and might lead you to think the issue is Osirion themed, however looking at the index quickly shows a great diversity of content. I liked the cover.
Art: 7/10

The forward, by James Jacobs, actually made me realise just how like all of us these lucky Paizo staff are. I haven't met James in person (at time of writing), but I can fully empathise with his inner geek that shines through. The accompanying monotone art is quite evocative, very mystic and mysterious.
Article: 8/10, Art: 8/10

Regional Traits of Osirion
The first full article provides 23 regional traits for PCs of Osirion descent. There is a great diversity of traits here, all providing some really interesting benefits coupled with great flavor and role play opportunity. The artwork, a black and white line art with intricate detailing is just begging to be colored in. It lends an appropriate Osirion feel supporting the article flavor very well.
Article: 9/10, Art: 8/10

The Road to Varno, Chapter 1
The first story article takes us to Ustalav, depicting a dark journey through gothic wooded lands. It gave me some great ideas to add flavor and suspense to in game travel. A well crafted and executed story. The accompanying artwork depicts the camp-fire scene and assists greatly in mentally picturing the main characters of the story.
Article: 8/10, Art: 7/10

Ask a Shoanti
The first reference to these sidebars that are dispersed throughout the magazine occurs on the second page of The Road to Varno. They provide a comedic turn on the "Agony Aunt" question and answers found in newspapers and magazines. I chuckled many times enjoying immensely these snippets of controlled madness. I decided to score these as a whole rather than individually.
Article: 9/10

Dangers of Darkmoon Vale
Next up, a collection of small drop-in encounters set in Darkmoon vale. The first introduces the party to malevolent pixies and offers some hectic fun, the second is darker and more sinister offering a CR 2 encounter that had interesting possibilities for role play, and the last encounter set in a carnival market highlights the diversity of these encounters. As a time pressed GM, I love quick drop in scenes like these, especially those set in villages and towns. Encounters in order of presentation scored 9/10, 8/10, 9/10 respectively. For my personal taste, the accompanying artwork didn't quite "gel" with the encounters.
Article: 9/10, Art: 7/10

Excerpts from the Journal of Zertus Hargon
Next up is a story vignette presented in a series of journal entries very reminiscent of the journal entries found in the Adventure Path products. It presents a quite dark tale that leads into a very detailed NPC write up and Stat block for the main protagonist. The artwork clearly portrays the anguish of the lead character and the grey scale shading presentation makes it that much more gritty and in theme with the dark tale.
Article: 8/10, Art: 8/10

Dawnflower Dervish of Sarenrae
The next article presents us with a prestige class, a nice spin on the dervish theme coupling it with a worshipper of Sarenare. I particularly liked how the fighting style of the dervish was built as a set of "dance" abilities. The artwork portrays the whirling dervish feel and is another clean black and white image that is begging me to bring out the crayons.
Article: 9/10, Art: 9/10

- lunch break over, I will continue this review soon... from the short story, "Life in Korvosa". See you soon.



There are no faults with the fanzine, at all, except that it needs to be released more often than once a year! The comics are funny, the articles interesting, the illustrations beautiful! I recommend this to every person on a D&D forum. Great work!


My opinion of Wayfinder #1, which I had a small part in, can be summed up in a single word:


Thank you to all who contributed in any way to this.

Almost better than the real thing


As most anyone knows, Pathfinder fans don't come any more hardcore than me. But when I saw the incredible production value, professional artwork and creative and well-written articles, I just about gave up on the real Paizo and went exclusively with the fans. The fact that it's free is just another plus. Wayfinder #1 was one of the high points of PaizoCon 2009, a weekend which surpasses just about every expectation or competition, so that's really saying something. I'd be surprised if we didn't see some of the contributors to this in print in official Pathfinder products by the next Wayfinder issue. Which I can't wait for, by the way. When's that coming out again?

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