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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Digital Hero, Issue #41 PDF


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WHEN LAST WE LEFT OUR HEROES—Keep up with the news from Hero Games. This issue—pit your wits against The Ultimate Mentalist.
HEROGLYPHS—See how Steve Long himself answers rules questions. This issue—hold your breath for drowning/suffocation attacks.
YOU GOTTA HAVE CHARACTER—As the United States’ only proclaimed emperor, Emperor Norton adds color to Victorian, Western, and Pulp Hero games.

A FISTFUL OF TALENTS—Fantasy Hero characters can use these Talents to spice up combat and spellcasting, and generally round out their backgrounds.
STAR*GUARD 2640—The Star*Guard in the non-powered future will still protect the galaxy, but rely more on technology.
I SMELL A RATTE!—The aborted Nazi supertank would have been essentially a battleship on treads, with gigantic guns and impregnable plating.
HOW TO LEAD A SUPERHERO TEAM—Superhero teams rise and fall based on the strength of their goals and actions. Choose your leader wisely.

BUT, I THOUGHT THEY WERE THE GOOD GUYS…?—Introducing the new superhero team, only to have them be supervillains in disguise, is a time-honored plot device.
CINEMATIC MARTIAL ARTISTS—Superheroes, cyborgs, and demihumans can all have fighting styles appropriate to their characters.

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