Generic Maps #7: Terrain Pack I PDF

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Terrain Pack I contains 10 full-color 150dpi .png terrain images of two aquatic environments (calm sea [1,722 x 1,206; 20 x 14 squares] and frozen sea containing an iceberg [3,444 x 2,411; 40 x 28 squares]), two desert environments (sandy and rocky desert [both 3,444 x 2,411; 40 x 28 squares]), three combinable dungeon areas (each 1,378 x 1,378; 16 x 16 squares), a marsh environment (3,444 x 2,411; 40 x 28 squares), a snow-covered mountain environment (3,444 x 2,411; 40 x 28 squares), and a plains environment (3,444 x 2,411; 40 x 28 squares).

    Additional Features:
  • A full color 150dpi .png bonus image of a dungeon area (1,378 x 1,378; 16 x 16 squares)
  • A separate bonus maps PDF (for personal use only) that contains two full-color maps (an overview map in A4 and a battle map split up over several [4-16] A4 pages) of every terrain image

You may reduce or crop these images. You may design a map using the Generic Maps product line. The artist's signature must be within the final, published map. You may not resell these images. If you use any Generic Map in your product, you must include the statement: "Some artwork copyright Christian Janke, used with permission." We retain the right to sell the use of these images. The separate bonus maps PDF is for personal use only.

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Created by: Christian Janke

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