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Star Hero: Alien Wars PDF


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In the early twenty-fourth century, Humanity encounters a new and frightening species: the Xenovores. Aggressive, vicious, and possessing more advanced technology than Humans, the Xenovores don't just want to conquer Earth and her colony worlds—they want to enslave Humanity, a species they regard as a food animal...

Alien Wars is a military science fiction setting for Star Hero depicting the Xenovore Wars of 2303-2396.

    It includes:
  • A complete history of the Wars, including the years leading up to them that set the stage for the conflict
  • Character creation information, including descriptions of alien species living in Human space and dozens of occupants (military and civilian) open to characters
  • A thorough review of the United Earth Army, Navy, and other military branches
  • Descriptions of Human weapons, starships, and other technology
  • A full report on the Xenovores, organized into player's and GM's chapters so the PCs don't learn anything they shouldn't know
  • campaign and GMing advice

If you're ready for exciting military action on alien planets and the icy depths of outerspace, Alien Wars is just the setting for you!

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