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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Digital Hero, Issue #4 PDF


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Digital Hero, Issue #4 Table of Contents

Hero Highway:
WHEN LAST WE LEFT OUR HEROES—Keep up with the news from Hero Games. This issue: The HERO System Resource Kit, Champions Universe, Conquerors, Killers, And Crooks, and Star Hero.
HEROGLYPHS—See how Steve Long himself answers rules questions. This issue—probability alteration. Do ya feel lucky, punk?
HERO UNIVERSE—Check out The Characters That Hero Forgot. This issue—Leviathan, the brick that can breathe water.
YOU GOTTA HAVE CHARACTER—Pope Alexander was not the holiest of men—by a long shot.

Advice Alley:
HAVE AT THEE, SIR!—Medieval fighting did not happen the way that many people believe it did. Learn the real history, and use it in your games.
NOTHING TO FEAR BUT FEAR ITSELF—Most people have one phobia or another, so how do you use them in a roleplaying game?

Supernatural Street:
MERIQUAI FALLS: TOTEM HUNTERS—In a city of superheroes and shamans, some things still can't be explained. Join these explorers of the eerie.
THE CHOSEN (OF ABRAXAS)—This society of supervillains sold their souls to serve Satan. Explore the team, their hidden base, and its armaments.

Character Corner:
CARESS—This speedster can drain the life right out of you, or even suck it into herself! If only she could remember who she was...
REVERIE—This vigilante telepath is being blackmailed into performing acts of mental assassination.
NUCLEAR COWGIRL—Tarnation! It's the superheroine that can glow in the dark, fire a six-shooter, and hear radiation like a Geiger counter, all at once.

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