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Battleground Fantasy Warfare: Men of Hawksfold Starter

****( ) (based on 1 rating)

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The Men of Hawkshold are Battleground's first human army. The Hawks, as they are commonly known, are well-trained and highly disciplined. As General of a Hawk army, you have a broad range of infantry troops at your disposal, ranging from inexpensive (but highly unreliable) peasant mobs to foot knights with sword and shield or two-handed greatswords. Your pikemen are particularly skilled at fighting enemy cavalry and large monsters and your longbowmen are without peer as ranged attackers. You also have the widest range of cavalry units, from lightning-fast scouts to knights in plate mail astride barded warhorses.

The Hawk army's special ability is Bravery—you inspire your troops to fight even when death seems imminent. For one command action you can increase a unit's courage by three. Bravery lasts until the unit rolls above its base courage during a rout check.

Units in Hawk Starter Deck:

  • Bowmen (2)
  • Great Swordsmen (1)
  • Heavy Infantry (2)
  • Light Cavalry (1)
  • Longbowmen (1)
  • Militia (2)
  • Peasant Mob (3)
  • Scouts (2)
  • Spearmen (2)
  • Swordsmen (2)

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Average product rating:

****( ) (based on 1 rating)

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Miniatures Battles with Low Entry Cost

****( )

I'm about half an RPG player and half a miniatures war gamer. I enjoy RPGs but always use miniatures and have an extensive miniatures collection reserved for such games. I also have played various miniature war games and the old school board/chit games. I wish I could play more war games but they are not my wife's thing, and my kids become bored.

I've been looking for a better fantasy mass battle set rule set that has a low entry point cost-wise, won't consume a month's of my time painting, I can play with my kids, and it has to be fun. Tough nut to crack for sure!

I purchased several of the Fantasy Battleground card starter sets and played them for the first time with my middle school aged son. We had a ton of fun. The game was fluid, predictable battle tactics worked, and he 'got it' quicker than I did. We played with the Men of Hawkshold vs the Undead starter packs using the quick start rules and pregen army lists, and enjoyed the game. Final tally, I won but it was very close. (yep human long bowmen are pretty devastating)

We were able to get going in under 20 minutes using the quick start rules. There are many more pages of rules we haven't explored but what we've used so far has been great fun.

The quick start rules are concise, three pages in fact. All of the stats are on the creature cards. We only had to look at the rule book twice during the game. We spent more time playing and having fun than digging through a rule book. (That's a huge plus IMO!)

I know this is an early review, but I promise that I'll post an update after we play using the full rules. So far, so good.

I'm giving this a 4 out of 5 solely because some of the starters had old versions of the rules and some had the 2.2 versions of the rules. Minor annoyance on my part but I almost threw the 'extras' away. (The extras were the newer versions...) Gift Certificates
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