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Village of Milthorpe PDF

Village of Milthorpe PDF

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A quaint little village for an exciting little entry into adventure....

As your travels continue until late in the afternoon, the packed dirt and loose rocks of the trail route wear away at your soles and sap your remaining energy. You are tired and in need of a quiet, safe place to settle at for the evening. Just when you begin to think that there could be no possible sign of civilization nearby, you encounter a moss infested post standing at the left hand side of the trail. Tacked on the wooden post is a small arrow bearing the words “Milthorpe Village Ahead." A place to stop and rest at last! With renewed energy you increase your speed in hopes of reaching Milthorpe before dark.

Milthorpe is a small but thriving village that is suitable for most any temperate area that has a mixture of wooded area with grassy farmland. There is a fair-sized river flowing through the village and notes concerning trade with outside areas indicate that the village is located either along or near a commonly used trade route. The numbered Game Master’s copy of the village map shows only the central heart of the village. Immediately surrounding this area are a few hundred acres of fields and wooded terrain that are suitable for grazing, raising crops, harvesting grain, tending orchards, or cutting timber. In all, the village and its surrounding lands should cover approximately 1 square mile of territory.

Milthorpe is a friendly place and the villagers are quick to welcome the presence of any adventuring party that bears good intentions. The village has very little to no support in regards to protection and there are few sophisticated weapons to be found. The folk of Milthorpe are bold in heart but lacking in formal combative training. As such, it has been a sheer wonder that the village has managed to thrive for as long as it has without falling victim to an attack. The good folks of Milthrope would more than welcome any skillful adventurers that might be in needs of a base of operations, a place to regularly scout out for danger, or a quiet village to settle down and retire in.

The village is full of potential in regards to gaining an employer or supportive patron or seeking out a means of an ongoing campaign. There are villagers that want the carcasses of monsters for the interests of profit while others maintain a worry about the safety of traveling merchants. Information regarding local rulers and so forth has been purposefully left out to allow the Game Master a greater ability to incorporate the village into their campaigns as needed. Such lack of information also allows the incorporation of wanted NPCs as local rulers if desired or to allow the adventurers the potential chance to oversee a small village of their own.

    This product features:
  • System-generic-style format making this village compatible with most paper and dice fantasy role playing systems and editions
  • Two variations of the village map (one is numbered, the other is not)
  • Complete descriptive entries for every marked location of the village map
  • Expanded details on the nature of potentially important NPCs
  • Background information and tips on including Milthorpe into your existing campaign
  • Five different adventuring hooks/lead-ins to get the adventuring party interested in visiting the village of Milthorpe and keeping their interests after they have arrived

Written by Dave Woodrum
13 pages (including cover)

Just Who Is Mossy Mountain Gathering?
Mossy Mountain Gathering is a loose guild of writers, artists, game designers, fantasy enthusiasts, and hippies living in the Appalachian Mountain region. Most importantly, we are all gamers that strive to create the very products that we our own selves want to use in our local gaming sessions. As we consider our publications as an extension of our personally hobbies instead of a corporate effort, we strive to offer our products freely or at a cheap price.

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