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Monsters of Verdune (Arcana Evolved) PDF

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The Kaviljor Ur-rathi, terrible yet noble undead knights who seek to defend the undying of Verdune;

The Curenjod, the Woeroot trees whose leaves fly out and cut to ribbons those who defile the forest;

The Talinet Ur-rathi, tortured elemental spirits that now possess Verdune’s tainted lands, using the powers inherent in the black streams of necromancy to leave nought but havoc in their wake.

The Primoridal Ooze, a vile creation of the dramojh that destroys you with healing.

Monsters of Verdune provides these new creatures as a supplemental bestiary for Monte Cook’s Arcana Evolved.

    Within you will find:
  • A new, complex and detailed prestige template, along with the template for its mount
  • All descriptions presented in first-person perspective using the monster's point of view
  • Detailed descriptions, variant rules, Lore DCs and designer's notes
  • Each monster leaps from the page with inspiring and evocative illustrations
  • The monsters within have complex motivations and can serve far beyond a simple encounter
  • Compatible with the 3.0 and 3.5 versions of the world’s most popular role-playing game

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***( )( ) (based on 1 rating)

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Decent product with some flaws but gems are there

***( )( )

Disclaimer: The reviewer was given a complimentary copy for review. Furthermore, this is not a play test review.

Monsters of Verdune, by Rite Publishing, is a monster supplement for Monte Cook’s Arcana Evolved variant rule system. Detailed within the 28 pages are 9 monsters and 2 templates to use with not only the 3.0/3.5 rule set but other gaming systems that handle such things as hero points, insanity loss, and DR for Armor to name but a few. The book does not require you to have the Arcana Evolved as it is perfectly useable for a D20 3.x gaming system but one can see where access to the book can aid in a few sections for skills or abilities that may not be explained in each monsters section.
The monsters in each book are broken down into the following sections:
*Stat blocks pertaining the creatures abilities, attacks, save, etc
* Tactics of how a monster acts in each combat
* Description of what said monster looks like as an excerpt from a book, someone reading from a battle description, or even from the monster’s standpoint of how it views itself vs. how everyone else sees it
*Special abilities: What makes the creature special in how it will kill your PCs
*Lore which gives a DC knowledge roll to help explain what the monster is and perhaps how to kill it.
*Designer notes explain how the author came up with the monster and a brief history on where it plays out in the food chain
*Variant rule set that gives alternate rules for playing with different systems going from Honor points to Wounds and Vitality and back over to Sanity Loss.
What I liked
The background section for each monster is full of well thought out ideas and descriptions that gives you a feel for how to place the monster, where it came from, and how to use it. The tactics give a nice simple round by round on how best to utilize the monsters strengths against your party. The lore answers the question when your PC’s ask “What do I know about this thing” and the DM is fumbling flipping Gift Certificates
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